Jan 152013

By Katherine Ayers

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The former East Carolina University student body vice president will step into the presidential role after the abrupt departure of the previous president.

Senior Matt Paske, a double major in nursing and psychology, will assume the role of president after Justin Davis resigned during the Christmas break.

“I finished my nursing degree over Christmas break and was working 12-hour shifts, so I was focused on me,” Paske said. “When I came back and heard the news, I thought it was a joke, but it turns out (Davis) was serious.”

Paske will serve as president until student government elections in early April. Paske appointed Student Senate Pro Tem Ira Rushing to fill the vice presidential spot, although the Student Senate still must approve the nomination.

“He’s a military veteran and has served in SGA for a while now,” Paske said of Rushing. “He was my right-hand man when I was vice president, so he was the most logical choice.”

Davis said he did not want to do a “halfhearted job” as president.

“It got to a point that I didn’t have the heart and passion for SGA,” he said. “It’s not a lack of caring. I’ve been given a number of opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, but if I was to continue I would be doing a disservice to the students.”

Davis, who served as SGA treasurer for two years prior to being elected to the top spot, said the resignation comes as he “re-evaluates his life.”

“I’ve had some opportunities to be involved in (Christian) ministry, and I want to impact lives through those ministries,” he said. “There comes a time when a chapter’s up. I could have stuck it out (as president), but it wouldn’t have been for the good of the organization.”

Paske said there still is a place for Davis within the SGA but declined to say in what capacity.

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