Feb 262013


Published: February 25, 2013

The recent discussions over Gov. Pat McCrory’s comments on liberal arts education do not address what is really hindering today’s college graduates. Regardless of students’ course of study, if college-educated adults don’t enter the world with a passion for reading, writing, thinking critically and taking care of their health, our work force, and more broadly society, will have serious issues.

As long as college-aged students reach for Facebook before a real book and continue to overindulge on alcohol, the Internet and other instantaneously available distractions, their abilities to communicate and work effectively in any role will erode.

These are the insidious problems we face in reforming not our educational institutions, but the way in which young adults pass through them.

Sam Harris

via Sam Harris: College kids distracted | Letters to the Editor | NewsObserver.com.


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