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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Allegations have been made to the City Council that the Tar River-University Neighborhood Association is not representing the interests of all our residents. We strongly dispute such allegations.

TRUNA meetings are open and publicized on our website. Membership is open to residents of the area, residential homeowners can vote on all matters immediately after purchase of their home; members who rent can vote after four years of legal residence. The waiting period ensures that voting members have an interest in and understanding of issues in the neighborhood. TRUNA has a decades long record of advocating for a safe and attractive neighborhood for all its residents, homeowners and renters alike. Consider the hypocrisy of the source of these allegations, the University Neighborhood Association, which doesn’t publicize its meetings, doesn’t have a website and has not responded to requests for membership information from homeowners. What agenda is it hiding?

This public relations campaign against TRUNA is part of efforts to expand rental property in the neighborhood and increase profits. University Neighborhood Rental Incentive supporters spent tens of thousands of dollars to help elect council members to back their efforts, and have embarked on this campaign after a group of private citizens filed a lawsuit defending their constitutional rights. Are we to believe that it is coincidence that after decades of negligence, landlords have suddenly started organizing neighborhood cleanups, and the City Council is coincidentally concerned that neighborhood associations aren’t representing all the residents of a neighborhood?

We wonder if such efforts will continue following whatever decision is handed down in the lawsuit. The city already provides tax breaks for property improvements and funds expensive code and police enforcement efforts directly related to high population density in the area.

Is it really in the city’s interest to increase that density?


President, Tar River-University

Neighborhood Association


via The Daily Reflector.


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