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Published: March 14, 2013

A March 12 letter-writer criticized UNC professor Jay Smith as “a crusader … emerging from hibernation” in his expressing concerns about UNC’s problems with athletics and academics.

I believe that UNC’s Faculty Council has become an ineffective representative of the faculty since the days when I was an active faculty member. The general faculty seems to have little interest in its meetings, as represented by the fact that few seats are available for faculty who are not council members.

As for Faculty Chair Jan Boxill’s “superb leadership,” it seems to me she has been a cheerleader for the administration rather than a representative of the faculty, calling an “emergency meeting” when Holden Thorp sensibly resigned as chancellor. What was the emergency?

Boxill has had precious little to say about the football scandal even though she has been intimately involved with the athletic academic advising program ever since she came to the university as an academic counselor and later as tutor coordinator/supervisor.

Jay Smith is a breath of fresh air among indifferent Faculty Council members.

Elliot M. Cramer

Chapel Hill

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