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Friday, April 26, 2013

As an avid reader of The News & Observer, I was not surprised to see UNC-Chapel Hill under review in the newspaper yet again.

However, the articles “Honored UNC tutor: Steering students ‘still happening’ ” and “Thorp: Give reins to athletic directors” on April 19 intrigued me.

As a college student, I find it imperative that every student receive a quality education. The Thorp article lost its fervor when it began to discuss Carolina’s school spirit instead of continuing to challenge the issue at hand. No matter how many ballgames you win or how much money athletics gross in trademarks, UNC-Chapel Hill still has a significant problem with failing athletes.

I appreciate the other article for presenting the issue at hand and allowing readers to get a true sense of how it affects the athletes and their futures. At this point, the issue should not be sugarcoated. UNC Chapel-Hill needs to be held accountable for its inability to provide a “real education” for all students.

Chelsea Gardner


via Chelsea Gardner: UNC failed students | Letters to the Editor | NewsObserver.com.


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