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Friday, May 3, 2013


East Carolina University Chancellor Steve Ballard today said he opposed a proposal in the general assembly to allow weapons on the campus of ECU and other state universities

A provision in House Bill 937 would allow individuals with concealed-carry permits to carry their weapons on university property, ECU reported.

The bill could have “a direct and negative impact to the safety of our campus,” Ballard said in a statement released Friday.

“I feel the need to state publicly my opposition to certain provisions included in House Bill 937 that would allow concealed-carry permit holders to keep their weapons in locked vehicles on college campuses.”

Ballard said supporters of this bill say it will make our campuses safer. “I don’t believe that to be true. In fact, it has the potential to create dangerous situations for our faculty, staff, students and visitors. For example, if an incident occurs on our campus, law enforcement arriving on the scene must be able to quickly distinguish suspects from bystanders. Allowing weapons on campus could hamper their ability to make split-second decisions while assessing the situation. The consequences could be tragic.”

Ballard said it is ECU’s obligation to provide a safe environment. “And I believe the best approach is by relying on the expertise of our accredited police department. I share the concerns expressed by President Tom Ross, my fellow chancellors, and our campus police officers that this proposed change would create increased risk on our campuses. I encourage the General Assembly to reconsider the provision allowing weapons onto our campus.”

via The Daily Reflector.


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