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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The controversial four-unrelated persons rule has created so much debate in this town. You can easily argue both sides of the issue. Reality is, only six houses have been converted to this new available variance.

This equates to six more people living in the college area. That’s quite a lot of talk for really a moot issue. Unfortunately, it’s been blown out of proportion of reality. My understanding is that four unrelated people can already live in most every college town in North Carolina except Greenville and one other city. Some have argued that it’s “coming to a neighborhood near you.”

Reality is students only want to live near campus, not in Brook Valley or other neighborhoods. And 85 percent of the university neighborhood is owned by investors, so how can you say 85 percent is special interest? They are the majority by far.

I’ll be the first to say that it was a very painful change, and could have been done more amicably by both sides. Unfortunately, both sides dug in their heels on this. But the University Neighborhood Revitalization Inititive has many other points. One is dedicated parking for area residents.

Now this neighborhood isn’t “ECU’s” parking lot, and many residents seem to appreciate that. So reality is it’s been a good thing when you ignore the politics and focus on the outcome.

I want to thank all who voted for it. You ignored the politics and voted for a good ordinance. And to clarify the record, I don’t own any rental houses in the neighborhood so I haven’t benefitted at all by this change. But I have invested heavily in the surrounding area, so I do care about this part of Greenville, a town I call home and love tremendously.



via The Daily Reflector.


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