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Saturday, February 22, 2014

East Carolina University reports that water service has been fully restored to residence halls and a dining hall on College Hill Drive after ongoing work to demolish Belk Hall damaged a water line.

Crews from Greenville Utilities and ECU completed repairs to water lines about 11:15 pm Friday, Bill Bagnell, associate vice chancellor for campus operations, said in a news release. ECU workers began the process of bleeding smaller lines and restoring full service.

Water service was affected after crews working for a demolition contractor damaged main lines on College Hill around 6:15 p.m. Friday, the university reported.

Water was restored about 8 p.m. to approximately 1,000 of the 2,300 students who live on College Hill, but the outage continued for an additional 1,400 students in Scott and Aycock residence halls and for Todd Dining hall.

Bagnell reported normal operations Saturday morning. ECU officials will continue to look into the incident, he said.

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Work to tear down Belk Hall on Friday damaged a water line on College Hill and disrupted water service to 2,400 students in residence halls there, East Carolina University reported.

Crews from Greenville Utilities and the university were working Friday night to restore the service to three residence halls, the university reported in a news release about 10 p.m.

Officials said water had been restored to approximately 1,000 students in College Hill Suites and Jones residence halls but some 1,400 students in Scott and Aycock remained with service, the relase said. Todd Dining hall also remained without service.

Bill Bagnell, associate vice chancellor for campus operations, said he expected service to be restored in 4-6 hours.

Students were quickly notified by email of the outage by ECU’s housing operations director Aaron Lucier reported.

Lucier said the outage is being treated as a short duration incident at this point, according to the release.

“We expect the water to be back on before the night ends, but we are monitoring the situation and are prepared to respond should things change,” Lucier said in the release.