Letter: Governor unfair to teachers |Daily Reflector


Saturday, March 1, 2014

This is my ninth year as an eastern North Carolina teacher holding a master’s degree, earning $35,000 per year. I have three issues with Gov. McCrory.

First, he is nickel and diming us to make up the time lost during the snowstorms. I think it is unacceptable that he cannot forgive the missed time and he cannot just pay his teachers.

We work 7.5 hours that we are “paid” for. The rest of our waking hours are spent trying to get everything else done. We get to school early and stay late daily. Now he tell us that we must use leave or spend spring/summer vacation to make up. I propose that every teacher has made up the time.

Second, he wants to increase new teacher salaries, I commend him. That means I, with 11 years experience and a master’s degree, and a new teacher would make the same. I’d like him to ask himself, “Without great teachers, would I be where I am today?” No, you wouldn’t! We deserve better and he will lose veteran teachers if he doesn’t start paying.

Third, he wants to get rid of tenure? What happens to the 25 percenet who say no because we don’t know if the money will be there to follow through? After the four years, do we still get the $2,000 extra or go back to not making enough to pay bills?

I didn’t become a teacher to become rich or famous, but I expect that as an adult with two degrees I could make ends meet. Why doesn’t he take some of his salary and his cabinet members’ salary and share it with the teachers. He gave his cabinet members increases when they make four times what I do; but he can’t even give teachers the step increase they deserve.