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Did This Spanish Shipwreck Change the Course of History? | National Geographic

An international team of archaeologists has found a shipwreck that may be connected to one of the most important naval battles in Latin American history…. “It’s an incredibly exciting find, especially if it is what they think it is,” says Jennifer McKinnon, an underwater archaeologist at East Carolina University who isn’t involved with the excavation.

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College funding heads to high school, as feds aim to fund dual-enrollment| Washington Post

High school students taking college classes soon will be able to pay for them using federal funding through an experiment the Obama administration announced Friday. Beginning next fall, up to 10,000 students in dual-enrollment programs will receive Pell grants, a form of federal financial aid that covers tuition, books and fees for needy college students.

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Students notice issue of anonymous online bullying within campus community | USA Today

Title IX and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are meant to protect students from discriminatory environments that can be created on college campuses. While these structures generally exist institutionally, many students and organizations believe anonymous social media platforms like Yik Yak can be just as hostile.

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Charlotte-based dorm decor company gives back through scholarship fund | Charlotte Observer

Recently, LeighDeux (dorm room and home decor company) launched the Women for Excellence in Entrepreneurship scholarships at UNC Chapel Hill, Goodwyn’s alma mater. Now totaling $5,000 a year, their intent is to grow the scholarship program right along with their business. It’s offered in the school’s entrepreneurial minor program within the College of Arts and Sciences.

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