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Vaccine Fears Not New – Here’s Why | Discovery News

There has been a lot of discussion and controversy about vaccinations over the past few months. …Andrea Kitta, an Associate Professor at East Carolina University and author of “Vaccinations and Public Concern in History,” notes that “The content of vaccines, especially in the case of preservatives, is a widely debated issue.

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Employers Have Greater Leeway on Unpaid Internships, Court Rules | New York Times

Employers have considerable leeway to use unpaid interns legally when the work serves an educational purpose, a federal appeals court ruled on Thursday, setting aside a lower court decision that the movie studio Fox Searchlight Pictures had improperly classified former workers as unpaid interns rather than employees

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Help raise two brothers, head the investing club, summer at Oxford: How one student went from poverty to an elite college | Washington Post

Min Zhong, 19, arrived in the U.S. as a 9-year-old who spoke little English. Her parents struggled to make ends meet. And while her classmates attended after-school activities, Zhong grew up caring for two younger brothers while her parents put in long hours at work. She excelled in school nonetheless.

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Chronic illness sufferers at risk during extreme heat | WNCT-TV

Doctors say people with chronic illnesses are the highest risk of being affected. They’re likely on medication and doctors need to talk to them about how the sun will impact their health. “Heat illness is a spectrum and the very least risky are people that just get cramps, usually from being a little bit dehydrated,” explained Dr. Ted Eldridge, Brody School of Medicine.

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