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Part III of series: As revelations mounted on UNC’s bogus classes, leaders’ tension grew — The News & Observer

Alston Gardner fits the profile of a university trustee: a wealthy alum who gives to the university, its athletic department and to election campaigns. A 1977 UNC graduate and Durham native, Gardner, 60, made a fortune creating a successful consulting company and later founded a venture capital firm, both in Atlanta.Gardner was satisfied when former Gov. Jim Martin told the UNC trustees in December 2012 that the “phantom” classes in the university’s African studies department stretched back at least as far as 1997 but were not built around helping athletes.

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Part I of series: At UNC, a missed clue, and a mantra: This was not about athletics — The News & Observer

In September 2010, UNC-Chapel Hill was embroiled in its worst athletic scandal in 50 years when one of its lawyers placed a call to Swahili instructor Alphonse Mutima.

The attorney was handling a matter related to that investigation, which involved football players who had taken perks from agents and improper help from a tutor. NCAA staffers had discovered the quagmire and had been digging for several weeks.

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Part II of series: Despite star’s classes, most resist deeper look — The News & Observer

By the time Peter Hans took over the chairmanship of the UNC Board of Governors in the summer of 2012, he was known as a problem solver, with 15 years of experience in government, higher education and public relations. He worked for a major law firm as a senior policy adviser and had previously worked for three prominent Republicans in Congress.

His profession taught him to choose his words carefully. When he saw a story on Julius Peppers’ transcript that August, he didn’t get defensive about his alma mater. He wanted to know more.

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University to buy $1 million football scoreboard with thrifty librarian’s money, outraging critics — The Washington Post

Robert Morin had his quirks: a regular breakfast of Fritos and a Coke; a refusal to give up on the 1992 Plymouth that he drove to his job as a library cataloger; the 18-year span, from 1979 to 1997, during which he watched more than 22,000 movies — an average of about three a day. Morin read in chronological order every book published in the United States between 1930 and 1938, excepting only textbooks, children’s books and cookbooks.

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