Mar 162015
Other Opinion: The real value of higher education -- The News & Observer

America is losing her way with regard to higher education. We seem to have forgotten the real value of higher education – both to our economy and to our society. We have become too focused on metrics, return on investment and job preparation. I am not suggesting these are unimportant. Rather, I would remind us that higher education offers many other – and I contend greater – benefits to our nation and its citizens and communities.

Mar 162015
Research points to more sharks in Pamlico Sound-- The Virginian-Pilot

The number of large and potentially dangerous sharks may be increasing in the Pamlico Sound.

A rise in water temperatures and a thriving habitat with plenty to eat may be persuading bull shark mothers to give birth in the sound west of the Outer Banks rather than in Florida, said Charles Bangley, a doctoral candidate at East Carolina University who has been researching sharks along that coast.

Mar 162015
Oklahoma is latest to address race problems at fraternities -- The News & Observer

“All too often the outcry has been, ‘Look at those bad apples we need to root out,'” said Nolan L. Cabrera, a professor in the Center for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Arizona. “When in fact the conversation we need to have is, ‘Why is this occurring on such a widespread level throughout the country?'”

Mar 162015
A U-Md. fraternity brother’s e-mail full of racial slurs has something to offend just about everyone -- The Washington Post

Published: March 14, 2015 A U-Md. fraternity brother’s e-mail full of racial slurs has something to offend just about everyone By Susan Svrluga, Nick Anderson and Dana Hedgpeth March 13 For the second time this week, university officials are investigating complaints of racist language by fraternity members — this time at the University of Maryland. […]

Mar 062015
A former college lineman now on the streets, looking for answers, and help -- The New York Times

His life wasn’t always like this. Nearly 20 years and more than 100 pounds ago, this panhandler in the yellow knit cap, Ryan Hoffman, was a hulking offensive lineman for a college football team ranked in the top 10, a starting player renowned for his toughness and durability. Now his old Levis are so big that even a belt on its ninth notch can’t keep them from sagging below his hips.