Aug 052014
Important bipartisan progress on campus sexual assaults --The News & Observer

The most important thing the law would do is force universities to recalculate the cost of hiding a problem so widespread that in surveys one woman in five says she’s been assaulted during college. Currently, schools that dutifully report such attacks to the Education Department, as they’re required to do under Title IX, wind up looking worse than schools whose officials skirt the rules and hope for the best.

Aug 042014
These U.S. 'diplomats' wield fiddles and dance moves, not briefcases -- The News & Observer

WASHINGTON — East Carolina University’s Greg Hurley is going abroad again for a two-week trip this month, but not exactly for a classic vacation.

It will be Beirut for the viola and violin teacher, who’s left Greenville, N.C., every summer for the last five years and gone to places “emerging from conflict” as part of a program for students in formerly war-torn areas. A kind of summer camp, it teaches students who already have some musical training, and they rehearse and form an orchestra for a concert at the end of the visit.

Aug 042014
Burns: Problems outnumber solutions

Benjamin Saidel (an East Carolina University professor) and I had been talking about rocket attacks from Gaza and the state of Israel for about 30 minutes when an explosion boomed.

The sound startled both of us, him in a hostel in Israel and me in a conference room in Greenville. We were speaking via Skype.