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University to buy $1 million football scoreboard with thrifty librarian’s money, outraging critics — The Washington Post

Robert Morin had his quirks: a regular breakfast of Fritos and a Coke; a refusal to give up on the 1992 Plymouth that he drove to his job as a library cataloger; the 18-year span, from 1979 to 1997, during which he watched more than 22,000 movies — an average of about three a day. Morin read in chronological order every book published in the United States between 1930 and 1938, excepting only textbooks, children’s books and cookbooks.

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Column: Facing potential penalties, UNC argues due process, fairness — The News & Observer

Leaders at the University of North Carolina merit a nod for deftly dressing recalcitrance in the robes of principle. From a strategic standpoint, not to mention a stylistic one, it’s probably worth a shot. If you didn’t know better, based on UNC’s legalistic response to five alleged major NCAA rules violations, you’d think the university is intent on championing due process and fairness rather than trying to avoid punishment.

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