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Editorial: Ross firing, continued — The News & Observer

In hindsight, once Republicans now in charge of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors had decided to fire President Tom Ross in what has become a long-running embarrassment to the state’s university system, they simply could have announced, “The president has been associated with Democrats, and we’re Republicans, and so we’re firing him, and we could care less what people think.”

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Lawyer: Yale basketball case shows the difficulty of campus sexual assault investigations — The Washington Post

Montague’s case is particularly emotionally charged, given his very public role on campus and the team, but allegations of sexual misconduct are common at campuses across the country, with university officials facing the difficult task of determining the truth in often-complicated situations. Shanlon Wu, a former federal sex crimes prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice who is now in private practice with a focus on student defense, offers his opinion on the issue.

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