Mar 062015
A former college lineman now on the streets, looking for answers, and help -- The New York Times

His life wasn’t always like this. Nearly 20 years and more than 100 pounds ago, this panhandler in the yellow knit cap, Ryan Hoffman, was a hulking offensive lineman for a college football team ranked in the top 10, a starting player renowned for his toughness and durability. Now his old Levis are so big that even a belt on its ninth notch can’t keep them from sagging below his hips.

Feb 042015
Senators introduce bill inspired by U-Va. student efforts to prevent rape -- The Washington Post

Public-high-school health-education classes would be required to include lessons about preventing sexual assaults and relationship violence under a bill introduced by Sens. Timothy M. Kaine (D-Va.) and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) Tuesday morning.

Kaine met with student leaders at the University of Virginia in December, following national attention being drawn to the issue of rape and relationship violence on campus.

Jan 202015
National search for UNC system's new leader comes after political shift -- The News & Observer

The UNC system’s governing board will hire the next UNC president in a different political era for North Carolina and a rapidly changing landscape for higher education.

On Friday, the UNC Board of Governors took action to put an early end to the tenure of UNC President Tom Ross, even while praising his leadership, integrity and work ethic. The board chairman, John Fennebresque, said the board determined it was time for a presidential transition, but there was no event or problem that prompted the decision.

Jan 202015
Sorority Anti-Rape Idea: Drinking on Own Turf -- The New York Times

For decades, national sorority organizations have banned alcohol in their houses. But as debate intensifies over how to address sexual assaults on college campuses, many of them occurring at fraternity house parties, some female students are questioning that rule, asserting that allowing alcohol would give women — not just sorority members — the option to attend Greek house parties that women control, from setting off-limits areas to deciding the content of the punch. The move would by no means eliminate sexual violence on campus, they said, but perhaps provide a benefit.

Jan 202015
At fraternity rush, U-Va. freshmen keep an open mind as normality begins its return -- The Washington Post

The four freshmen walked the row of Greek houses, turning to go up the steps of a brick Colonial with white columns. As they shook hands with the Sigma Alpha Mu upperclassmen, who were bedecked in blazers and smiles, they began an annual rite of spring here at the University of Virginia: rush.