Aug 182014
Bright spot for NC: Colleges worthy of investment -- The News & Observer

Rather than focus on the negative, North Carolinians should understand that – thanks to their support – our state universities are on the right track. That means providing high-quality and affordable education to your sons and daughters, performing life-changing research, meeting the needs of communities from Murphy to Manteo and driving economic prosperity across the state.

Aug 062014
Caps, cuts and the continued battering of UNC system colleges -- The News & Observer

As a parent who has supported three sons and a niece through undergraduate, graduate or law school, I understand the UNC Board of Governors’ concerns about increasing tuition rates and the use of some of those funds for financial aid for less privileged students. As a former dean of the College of Natural Resources at N.C. State, however, I feel their freeze on tuition and a cap on the level of financial aid to be used from those funds to be short-sighted.

Aug 052014
Important bipartisan progress on campus sexual assaults --The News & Observer

The most important thing the law would do is force universities to recalculate the cost of hiding a problem so widespread that in surveys one woman in five says she’s been assaulted during college. Currently, schools that dutifully report such attacks to the Education Department, as they’re required to do under Title IX, wind up looking worse than schools whose officials skirt the rules and hope for the best.

Aug 042014
These U.S. 'diplomats' wield fiddles and dance moves, not briefcases -- The News & Observer

WASHINGTON — East Carolina University’s Greg Hurley is going abroad again for a two-week trip this month, but not exactly for a classic vacation.

It will be Beirut for the viola and violin teacher, who’s left Greenville, N.C., every summer for the last five years and gone to places “emerging from conflict” as part of a program for students in formerly war-torn areas. A kind of summer camp, it teaches students who already have some musical training, and they rehearse and form an orchestra for a concert at the end of the visit.