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First-generation college students are not succeeding in college, and money isn’t the problem — The Washington Post

Everyone loves the story of a disadvantaged kid getting a full ride to college, maybe because people see money as the greatest barrier to higher education. But often that’s not true. Even when students manage to cobble together scholarships, loans or gifts from relatives or churches, once they actually get into college, they typically find they have a whole new set of unanticipated barriers: academic, social and cultural, as well as their own internal self-doubt.

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Chinese Students and U.S. Universities Connect Through a Third Party — The New York Times

The number of Chinese students competing to enter high schools and colleges in the United States has soared in recent years. According to the Institute of International Education, in the 2014-15 academic year, more than 300,000 Chinese were enrolled in American higher education, almost triple the number five years before.

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University of Cincinnati to Pay $4.85 Million to Family of Man Killed by Officer– The New York Times

The University of Cincinnati has agreed to pay $4.85 million to the family of an unarmed black man who was shot to death in July by one of its police officers, a settlement that also requires the college to provide an undergraduate education to his 12 children, create a memorial to him on campus and include his family in discussions on police reform.

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The latest extravagances in the college sports arms race? Laser tag and mini golf. — The Washington Post

Facilities spending is one of the biggest reasons otherwise profitable or self-sufficient athletic departments run deficits, according to a Washington Post review of thousands of pages of financial records from athletic departments at 48 schools in the five wealthiest conferences in college sports.

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Summers time for ECU football team — The News & Observer

On Saturday, East Carolina quarterback James Summers was a ray of sunshine on a day where an overcast sky hurled pellets of rain on 50,000-plus fans inside Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. The junior transfer warmed up the rain-soaked spectators with electrifying runs and pin-point passes as he accounted for 279 yards and three touchdowns in three quarters of play to lead East Carolina to a 35-28 victory over Virginia Tech.

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