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Lawyer: Yale basketball case shows the difficulty of campus sexual assault investigations — The Washington Post

Montague’s case is particularly emotionally charged, given his very public role on campus and the team, but allegations of sexual misconduct are common at campuses across the country, with university officials facing the difficult task of determining the truth in often-complicated situations. Shanlon Wu, a former federal sex crimes prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice who is now in private practice with a focus on student defense, offers his opinion on the issue.

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Berkeley moves to fire assistant basketball coach after sexual harassment complaint — The Washington Post

The University of California, Berkeley, fired its assistant men’s basketball coach Monday, just days before the team faces Hawaii in the NCAA tournament — and just days after the high-profile resignation of the university’s law school dean in another case involving alleged sexual harassment.

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Wellness: How to turn a fitness goal into a lifetime of good health (fluctuating weight included) — The Washington Post

Many people who accomplish short-term goals get a rush of achievement in the moment but don’t create the behavioral changes needed to maintain and improve, said Tom Raedeke, a professor of kinesiology at East Carolina University who specializes in exercise psychology. “Somehow, we have to help people go beyond . . . just meeting the New Year’s resolutions or just accomplishing this goal,” Raedeke said.

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A year after slayings of Muslims, community seeks dialogue, harmony — The News & Observer

On Wednesday, the anniversary of the deaths, friends and family of the victims and advocates for the Muslim community will hold memorial events at UNC and NCSU. The day will end with an awards ceremony recognizing “beacons” who perform public service in their communities and educate people about Islam.

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Op-Ed: At UNC-CH, too many chiefs, not enough integrity — The News & Observer

Many contend that we should strive to run all of our public institutions “like businesses.” Following that principle, it is now the express policy of our state that for most purposes we are no longer considered citizens but instead “customers.” No matter how many scandals and failures are suffered by our benighted businesses, emulating corporate America remains an article of faith for many.

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