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Workweek: Cunningham installed as president-elect of N.C. Medical Society | The Daily Reflector

Dr. Paul Cunningham, a general surgeon and dean and senior associate vice chancellor for medical affairs at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, recently was named president-elect of the North Carolina Medical Society board of directors. He has been an NCMS board member since 2009.

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Editorial: Chancellor pay wrong priority | The Daily Reflector

On the radar of tax and tuition dollars flowing through North Carolina’s 17 public university campuses, the salary increases announced last week for 12 chancellors hardly register as a blip on the screen. Aside from the backroom-nature of the bonuses being offensive to taxpayers, their timing is an across-the-board head-scratcher.

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UNC records show deep dependence on fake classes | The News & Observer

Six years ago, the head of the tutoring program for athletes at UNC-Chapel Hill paved the way for a valued employee to have her retirement party at a spacious, climate-controlled luxury box in Kenan Stadium. He persuaded the athletic department to waive a $1,000 rental fee and offered to pay the $575 tab for wait service and cleanup.

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