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Letter: Chancellor pay raise shocking | The Daily Reflector

As the mother of two college students, one at East Carolina University and one at UNC-Chapel Hill, I was shocked to read about the 19 percent raise given Chancellor Steve Ballard and to hear that Henry Hinton of the UNC Board of Governors said this was justified. Is it also justified that Chancellor Ballard will be given a paid year off next year at this inflated salary in order to “retool” for the classroom?

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Why Jon Stewart’s return to the airwaves matters to the 2016 presidential race | The Washington Post

A separate study of Stewart’s wisecracks during the 2004 party conventions, conducted by political scientists at East Carolina University, concluded that “the ridicule of Republicans focused much more on policy and character flaws. Humor pointed toward Democrats, on the other hand, tended to focus more on innocuous physical attributes.”

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