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As drop-off looms, a professor’s note for new college parents | The Washington Post

For many families, summer passes at a leisurely pace. But not for anxious parents preparing for college drop-off. They feel time hurtling toward that dreaded day in August or September when the moment will come to say goodbye. Here is some advice from a veteran professor about how to manage the protective-parent instinct.

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UNC set to respond to amended Notice of Allegations | The News & Observer

There will be no delay this time. UNC-Chapel Hill is set to submit its response to the amended Notice of Allegations a week from Monday, athletic director Bubba Cunningham said. The university received the amended NOA from the NCAA on April 25. NCAA protocol mandates that schools have 90 days to respond once they receive an NOA. For UNC, the 90th day falls on July 24, a Sunday, which means it has until Monday, July 25 to submit its response.

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