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‘Long time coming’: GTAC construction to begin soon | The Daily Reflector

The construction of a transportation center in downtown Greenville is scheduled to begin as early as next month and should be operational by the end of 2017, the city’s public works director said Thursday. The Greenville City Council during its meeting on Thursday awarded a construction contract for the Greenville Transportation Activity Center (GTAC) on Bonners Lane.

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Letter to the Editor: Students’ rights trampled | The Daily Reflector

I’m proud to have two masters degrees from East Carolina University. However, the decision to insist that Marching Pirates members stand and play the National Anthem without offering them the choice to “take a knee” and play is insulting to the band members and everyone who cherishes their freedom to protest peacefully.

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Universities Are Churning Out the Next Generation of Higher Ed Bureaucrats | The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy

The number of non-academic administrators at colleges and universities has more than doubled in the last 25 years, far outpacing the growth in students and faculty. According to a report from the American Institutes for Research, between 2000 and 2012 the average ratio of full-time faculty and staff per administrator declined 40 percent, to around 2.5 to 1.

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Faculty Strike Throws Pennsylvania’s State-Owned Colleges Into ‘Organized Chaos’ | Chronicle of Higher Education

The last five times that the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and its faculty union tried to hash out a new collective-bargaining agreement, the union had voted to authorize a strike. Once it set a strike date. But in each of those instances, the two sides managed to come to an agreement. This time they weren’t so lucky. After months of negotiations failed to result in a new agreement, the union rejected the system officials’ final offer and declared a strike early Wednesday

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After U-Md. students propose a new way to pay for sexual-assault investigations, school agrees to hire more staff | The Washington Post

After student government voted to impose a student fee to raise money to improve the University of Maryland’s ability to handle claims of campus sexual assault — an apparently unprecedented move, according to several national experts — university leaders have agreed to hire more staff to address the problem.

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