Oct 312014
Ebola Outbreak May Hold Lessons for Handling Samples from Mars | Space.com

Space.com asked some key astrobiologists if today’s Ebola outbreak might have any lessons for future sample-return plans from Mars. “While the Ebola situation bears no resemblance to a sample-return mission to Mars, there is a concern that the public could link the two if not properly informed,” said John Rummel, a professor of biology at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.

Oct 302014
Event looks at city growth | Daily Reflector

A detailed presentation was given at the event Tuesday by Uptown Greenville Director Bianca Shoneman to bring attendees — including government officials, business owners and others — up to date on the progress in the city’s downtown area. Ron Mitchelson, interim provost at East Carolina University, also gave a presentation on the urban geography of the area.

Oct 302014
Letter to editor: UNC scandal begs questions | Daily Reflector

I would like to thank Ken Wainstein and his 131-page report for confirming what many have known for years: The “Carolina Way” is the greatest joke ever told. It will be interesting to see what the UNC Board of Governors will do in light of the report. For some reason or another, I haven’t read much (if anything) from the Board of Governors regarding the improprieties and attempts to obfuscate knowledge thereof by “the flagship.”