ACT scores show a smaller share of students are ‘college-ready’ | The Washington Post

This year’s high school graduates were less likely to demonstrate college readiness on the ACT admission test than those who took the exam the year before, according to results of the college admission test released Wednesday morning. ACT officials attributed the falling achievement levels to a rise in the number of students who took the exams.

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Op-Ed- Point of View: Berger’s right: Most UNC professors are Democrats. Here’s why | The News & Observer

Citing that Democrats outnumber Republicans 12:1 in faculty positions at the University of North Carolina, Senate Majority leader Phil Berger suggests that Republican job candidates are discriminated against when they apply for university positions unless they “toe the line from the left.” However, it seems likely that there may be other, more objective explanations for the imbalance of party affiliation.

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Editorial: Staton: Welcome back pep in our step and pocketbooks | The Daily Reflector

Forgive me for being just a bit excited. I officially became ECU’s 11th chancellor on July 1, so I’m just a few weeks into the job. What I have experienced until now, however, is a beautiful, peaceful and quiet campus. All of that has changed. Over a few days this week, about 4,300 new Pirates arrived on campus. They were joined by many more thousands of returning Pirates to form what we fully expect to be a new total enrollment record. By 5 p.m. on census day, Sept. 2, we anticipate we will be very close to 29,000 students — a first. That includes a growth in our graduate enrollment for the first time since 2008. We expect that record will include nearly 1,000 more students than just a year ago.

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