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Field Trip!

November 24th, 2009

Today, the Intro to Conservation class took a field trip to the NC Department of Cultural Resources Conservation Lab, also known as the Queen Anne’s Revenge Lab, to see the very exciting collection of artifacts that the staff is working on. We got an excellent tour of the facility and artifacts by Shanna Daniel, an Assistant Conservator at the lab. She was assisted by Myron Rolston, a Conservation Technician, and Jon Schleier, an Anthropology student.

Shanna started off by giving us a history of the wrecksite which is located in Beaufort Inlet.



We then got to see some of the concretions that were excavated and some of the artifacts before and during treatment. Shanna is explaining the electrolysis process that this cannon is undergoing while Jennifer, Kate, and Joe look on.

Cannon in Electrolysis

We then moved over to Shanna’s favorite material type of organics and examined the sternpost in treatment. Jennifer, Emily, and Nicole deeply reflect on the objects treatment.


After seeing objects before treatment, we moved into the main lab and looked at some objects that are currently being conserved. Today’s lecture was on “Other Metals” including gold, silver, lead, tin, pewter, and aluminum so it was really great to have the opportunity to see gold flakes and some pewter objects.

Objects In Treatment

Shanna explained the molding and casting process for some barrell hoops.


Barrell Hoops

Whitney, Nicole, and Joe examine some treated artifacts.

Examining Objects

We then went to a documentation area where x-rays are taken and artifacts are photographed. Shanna explained the importance of x-rays in the documentation and treatment process while Eunice, Whitney, Valerie, and Nicole look at some examples.


The last stop on the tour was to look at the X-Ray Flourescence (XRF) that the conservators are using to analyze the metal artifacts. This was a rare opportunity since many conservation labs are not able to afford to rent or purchase a machine.


Here is the fall 2009 intro to conservation class with our generous hosts. We are missing Brown and Lauren who weren’t able to make it that day. Thank you again for a wonderful tour of a working conservation lab!


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