Spring 2014 URCA Winners

This spring, three biomedical engineering students received the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Award. Below is a description of their projects.

Junior Alex Bryan:

My project will be about the creation and testing of an edema monitoring device and my mentor is Dr. George.The device will use pressure and depth sensors to record a patient’s edema level. It will then send this data to a phone attached to the device were it will display it along with the patient’s weight for patient and doctor to see.  My side of the project will be programing the sensors and making it so that the phone can display the data most likely through the use of an app.

Junior Cody Temple:

The objective of this project is to evaluate the effect of the wound  healing protein Thymosin Beta-4 (Tβ4) on stem cell proliferation and viability on electrospun scaffolds. The overall goal is to utilize tissue-engineering applications to successfully stimulate stem cell growth for therapeutic applications and enhance the microenvironment. I will be conducting the majority of my research over at the Brody School of Medicine under my mentor Dr. Muller-Borer. This biomedical engineering project will provide an opportunity for me to gain experience in research, imaging, technical writing, and advanced laboratory techniques.

Junior Rana Abdelsalam:

Recently, the CAD/CAM process has been used to create fixed dental prostheses that replace at least one tooth, from all ceramic materials including Lithiumdisilicate. Clinical reports show that the larger prostheses structures, such as three unit bridges, are more prone to failure. The current question is whether this is due to inherent weakness of the restorative material, or due to the cement or flexure of the abutment teeth.  The purpose of my project is to evaluate the effect of the elastic modulus of the cement, of the abutment teeth, and of the supporting bone on the stresses generated in the prosthesis under four point bending. This evaluation will be done by finite element analysis of a three unit bridge via Solid Works.

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