Pass Clinic

PASS Clinic Provides Low Cost Services

East Carolina University has opened a psychological training and clinic facility providing low cost treatments in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, healthy weight management, smoking cessation and women’s health.

The new ECU Psychological Assessment and Specialty Services Clinic, directed by Tony Cellucci, will treat patients while at the same time training doctoral students under the supervision of licensed psychologists.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a treatment approach that helps patients manage issues with drugs and alcohol as well as dealing with emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Healthy weight services for all ages provide a focus on small lifestyle changes, while addressing thoughts, behaviors and emotional factors related to weight gain. Smoking cessation helps patients reduce or stop the use of tobacco and nicotene. Both the healthy weight services and smoking cessation services are NCFLEX approved.

Women’s health services provide therapy related to stress or mental health issues, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorders, or difficulty with relationships, fertility or chronic pain.

The clinic is in Room 311, Rawl Building on the ECU campus. For additional information about the clinic, contact the clinic office at (252) 737-4180.