Hospitality Leadership professor wins best paper of the year at international meeting

ECU hospitality leadership professor Cynthia S. Deale and co-authors received the Best Paper of the Year award for their work in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism.

Dr. Cynthia Deale

The award was announced at the annual conference of the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education Aug. 3 in Providence, R.I.

The winning article, “Environmental Sustainability in the Hospitality Management Curriculum: Perspectives from Three Groups of Stakeholders,” addresses how the main stakeholders of hospitality management – educators, students and industry professionals – view the need for environmental sustainability in management education.

“The future of environmental sustainability education is critical to the hospitality management curriculum. It’s nice that this topic is receiving attention,” Deale said.

She said the study demonstrates a strong need for sustainability education in the field. The authors suggest establishing a partnership between education and industry to make the hospitality industry more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Co-authors were Nelson Barber and Raymond Goodman from the University of New Hampshire.

A PDF version of the article may be obtained upon request to