Business faculty report publications

Faculty in the College of Business have reported the following new publications:

  • By Denise E. Dickins (Accounting), “The Importance of Sample Selection: An Instructional Resource using U.S. Presidential Elections” in the Journal of Accounting Education; and “ Practitioner Summary of Mandatory Audit Partner Rotation: Perceptions of Audit Quality Consequences” in Current Issues in Auditing
  • By Susan DelVecchio and Kenneth Anselmi (Marketing and Supply Chain Management), “Big Brother or Big Bother: E-Monitoring the Salesforce,” in the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing
  • By Shanan Gibson, Michael Harris and Bill McDowell (Management), “Organizational Efficacy of Small & Medium-Sized Suppliers: The Role of Information Quality and Continuous Improvement Quality,” in the Journal of Small Business Strategy.
  • By Brenda Wells (Finance), “Recovering from Poor Hiring Decisions: A Case in Direct Sales” in the Small Business Institute Journal.