ITCS employee named Inclusivity Award winner

Lisa Barry, a member of the East Carolina University Information Technology and Computing Services (ITCS) department, was one of four women who received the Internet2 Inclusivity Award at the annual Internet2 Global Summit in San Diego earlier this month.

Barry is a network analyst at ECU and is responsible for administration of enterprise-level network services including firewalls, VPN systems, intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Lisa Barry, Internet2 Inclusivity Award winner

Lisa Barry, Internet2 Inclusivity Award winner. (contributed photo)

Internet2 is a nonprofit technology community that was founded by the nation’s leading higher education institutions. The group serves more than 300 universities in the U.S. The Inclusivity Award is a scholarship awarded to women in the information technology field to encourage and support their professional growth.

“As soon as I read the purpose of the Internet2 Inclusivity Award was to support emerging information technology professions by providing an opportunity to build the knowledge capital of their institutions and help diversify technology, I knew Lisa was a worthy candidate,” said Andy Anderson, director of ECU ITCS network services.

The recipients of the award have access to mentors and a network of women IT and technology professionals and participate in discussions about the latest innovations and best practices for their campuses.

“The Internet2 Inclusivity Scholarship was designed to celebrate and promote women working within the information technology field. It is an honor not only to receive the scholarship but also to represent ECU at the Global Summit in San Diego,” said Barry. “Participating in the summit is a wonderful way to bring back new ideas and technologies to our university. Opportunities such as this allow us to grow and expand the efforts ITCS is putting forth to promote research and ensure ECU becomes the next great national university.”

In addition to Barry, Gladys Andino of Purdue University, Stephanie Collins from Virginia Tech and Manisha Kanodia of the University of California were named recipients of the award.

“The value of Lisa attending this conference has already become evident.  She gathered a tremendous amount of information related to Internet2 services that support research and we are in the process of determining which may be a good fit for ECU,” said Anderson.


-by Jamie Smith, ECU News Services