ECU launches crowdfunding platform

ECU launched a crowdfunding website on Nov. 1.

ECU launched a crowdfunding website on Nov. 1. (Photo by Rhett Butler)

East Carolina University launched an online crowdfunding platform Thursday to help Pirates across campus raise money for their ideas and passions. The first three projects on the platform, called ECU Fund It, are the ECU Community School’s music program, the Honors College’s Michael F. Bassman Fund for study abroad, and the Chancellor’s Scholars program.

“Crowdfunding allows people to come together and fundraise to support projects that reflect a collective passion. We know crowdfunding is popular and effective, and it provides donors with a new way to give,” said Christopher Dyba, vice chancellor for university advancement.

ECU Fund It, similar to a GoFundMe or a Kickstarter page, harnesses the power of the community and the internet to raise funds and help others. ECU’s three crowdfunding projects will be on the site for 45 days beginning Nov. 1 and ending Dec. 15. During that time, applications for new projects will be accepted. Applications are open to faculty and staff. In the future, the platform will be open to student organizations as well.

Terah Archie, director of community relations and outreach for the College of Education, said crowdfunding was a way to involve a broader number of people in the needs of the ECU Community School at South Greenville Elementary.

“Music education and arts education in general is a really important part of any child’s schooling,” Archie said. “This year, the school’s music teacher is creating an orchestra program. There’s been a lot of interest, but students can’t all afford the instruments to be part of it. Our goal is to raise $5,000 through ECU Fund It so that we can purchase a library of violins, violas and cellos that the students can use.”

By creating new avenue for people to support ECU projects, the university hopes many people will give at all levels of support to something they feel strongly about, Dyba said.

Learn more about the ECU’s current crowdfunding projects or apply for funding at


-by Erin Shaw, University Communications