Dr. Marianne Montgomery’s Chapter Published

Dr. Marianne Montgomery recently authored the chapter “Language and Seafaring in Thomas Middleton and John Webster’s Anything for a Quiet Life” in Travel and Drama in Early Modern England: The Journeying Play, edited by Claire Jowitt and Davis McInnis. Cambridge University Press says the collection “redefines the field by expanding the canon of recognized plays concerned with travel. Re-assessing the parameters of the genre, the chapters offer fresh perspectives on how these plays communicated with their audiences and readers.” Montgomery’s chapter expands the canon of the early modern “travel play,” usually focused on plays set abroad, to include John Webster and Thomas Middleton’s Anything for a Quiet Life (1621), a city comedy that never leaves London but is highly invested in foreign exchanges of languages, goods, and people. Staging the sea captain Young Franklin’s travels through the commercial spaces of the city as an extension of his oceanic travels, the play offers a seafaring perspective on early modern London.

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