A Glimpse into the Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors.

Caswell, Nicole, Jackie Grutsch McKinney and Rebecca Jackson. “A Glimpse into the Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors.” Forum. 18.1 (2014): A3-A8.

Abstract:┬áThis article offers a first glimpse into the researchers findings that new writing center directors engage in multiple kinds of labor, from the disciplinary and everyday to the emotional, and that the nature of this work complicates received notions of writing centers, writing center administration, and writing center work in general. In conversations they had with their participants over the year, it became apparent to them that participants’ everyday labor was quite varied — some directors tutored, taught, handled paychecks, developed schedules, and supervised other managers, while others did not. But their participants were more similar than dissimilar in the disciplinary and emotional labor they were engaged with. Almost all participants voiced a desire for more time to devote to disciplinary labo — whether to shore up their credentials or publish in the field — although they recognized that most of their time was spent with everyday concerns and emotional labor they likely had not anticipated.

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