Amanda Klein Freelance Work

Check of Dr. Amanda Klein’s freelance work:

Spinoff City: Why Hollywood Is Built on Unoriginal Ideas.” The Atlantic 20 March 2016.

Thirty Seasons of The Real World.” The New Yorker. 28 Nov 2015.

Consider the Catfish.” The New Yorker. 3 Sept 2015.

“‘Clueless’ and the end of Gen X: How Cher Horowitz taught us to stop worrying and embrace millennial optimism, post-racial fantasy and the 1 percent.” Salon. 15 July 2015.

“‘The Breakfast Club’, 30 Years Later: A Conversation Across Generations.” Roger 26 March 2015.

With Christian Exoo, “Plagiarism, Patchwriting and the Race and Gender Hierarchy of Online Idea Theft.” Truth Out 13 March 2015.

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