Love Theft and Other Entanglements (2015) Poster

Ethnic Studies Film Series: Love, Theft and Other Entanglements (2015)

We are happy to announce the third screening of the Fall 2016 Ethnic Studies Film Series!
Film Title: Love, Theft and Other Entanglements (Directed by Muayad Alayan, Co-written by Muayad Alayan and Rami Alayan, 2015)
Time: 6pm, Tuesday, 11/1/2016
Place: Sci-Tech C209
Post-screening Q & A with co-writer and co-producer Rami Alayan
Guest introduction: Dr. Mona Russell
Synopsis: A Palestinian car thief gets into the trouble of his life when he steals the wrong car. What he thought was an Israeli car and an easy way to make money in his impoverished refugee camp turns out to be a load of misfortune when he discovers a kidnapped Israeli soldier in the trunk.
Clown Talk Poster

ECU English Clown Experts in the Media!

Thanks to Andrea Kitta, Jim Kirkland, and Randall Martoccia for organizing and speaking at last night’s creepy clown forum. The event drew over 80 people, mostly students, who learned about clowns in popular culture and the origins of the 2016 clown panic. It was featured in The East Carolinian.

Andrea was also interviewed for a clown story on WNCT local news.

I hope that the department can in the future organize similar informal events related to stories in the news. If you have an idea for one, please let me know. Go English!

[Pictured: Book cover at left/top showing a rollercoaster and a blue sky; book cover at bottom/right showing a large skeleton leaning over smaller people.]

Caswell publishes *The Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors*

Congratulations to Dr. Nikki Caswell, whose book The Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors was just published by Utah State University Press!
The first book-length empirical investigation of writing center directors’ labor, The Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors presents a longitudinal qualitative study of the individual professional lives of nine new directors. The authors adopt a case study approach to examine the labor these directors performed and the varied motivations for their labor, as well as the labor they ignored, deferred, or sidelined temporarily, whether or not they wanted to. The nine directors discuss more than just their labor; they address their motivations, their sense of self, and their own thoughts about the work they do, facets of writing center director labor that other types of research or scholarship have up to now left invisible. The book strikes a new path in scholarship on writing center administration.
Further, the publisher liked this book so much that they did a special print run with a limited edition cover! The standard cover is left/top in the photo, and the limited edition cover is bottom/right.

Creativity and Balance

Check out this new essay teaser “Creativity and Balance, or the Controlling Ideology of Control” by Associate Professor Helena Feder:…/

Is it too sweeping or just too obvious to say that from falling in love to creativity itself, we must be off-balance to become?

I find myself trying not to think about writing when I am writing (things themselves…but of course words fall into this category) and, then, thinking of it constantly when I am not. I have been told by smart, talented people that we all need to find a “balance” between writing and life. This dichotomy proliferates endlessly into the mythological “balance” between thinking and feeling, thinking or feeling and doing, creative and academic work, “research” and teaching, pedagogy and public intellectual life, etcetera, etc…

North Carolina Literary Review Celebrates 25 Years

Celebrating NCLR’s 25th issue at ECU Oct 22

Please join the NCLR staff, past and present, on Saturday, October 22, from 2-4 in the Faulkner Gallery of Joyner Library to celebrate Twenty-Five Years of the North Carolina Literary Review. Among the writers coming to celebrate with us will be Philip Gerard and Michael Parker, who have been publishing in our pages since the earliest issues. The original Art Director, Eva Roberts, who created NCLR’s unique look will also be there, along with her former student, our current Art Director Dana Ezzell. An exhibit will show the evolution of this publication over the past quarter-century. There will be party favors and cake, music and photos, and a short program featuring the guest writers. Dowdy Student Stores will bring our featured guests’ books to sell, and of course, we will have issues for sale—all 25 of them. Don’t miss it!
Free and open to the public. 

Woodward visits ECU

Bob Woodward visited ECU Wednesday evening as the premier speaker of this year’s Voyages of Discovery Lecture Series, directed by English professor Jeffrey Johnson. Woodward spoke on his career reporting presidential politics, including offering insights into the current campaign season. At left, Dr. Johnson speaks with Mr. Woodward during the event.

Digital Scholarship at ECU

English faculty members featured in Digital Humanities article

Jeffrey Johnson, who works on the Digital Donne project, is quoted in a recent ECU News Bureau article on Digital Humanities. The article also highlights Tom Herron’s “Centering Spenser” website and Margaret Bauer’s Wilmington Massacre project, which she works on with Karen Zipf from History. Go English!

The article may be found on DISSH at ECU here:
Don’t miss the links to digital scholarship at ECU within the article.

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