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Congratulations to service award winners Wendy Sharer, Nikki Caswell, and the NCLR Staff!

The department cleaned up at the ECU Service Awards Ceremony last night. Congratulations to the award winners from English:

  • Wendy Sharer received the Centennial Award for Excellence in Leadership (Faculty).
  • Nikki Caswell received the Diversity and Inclusion Award (Faculty).
  • The NCLR Staff–Margaret Bauer, Christy Hallberg, Randall Martoccia, Diane Rodman, and Liza Wieland–received the Centennial Award for Excellence in Ambition (Team).


Plus: Nikki Caswell and Andrea Kitta were inducted into the Servire Society (which requires 100 hours of community service in the year).


We also had nominees recognized:

  • Will Banks and Margaret Bauer were nominated for the James R. Talton Leadership Award.
  • Jessi Bardill was nominated for a Diversity and Inclusion Award.


Congrats to all whose service was celebrated last night. Go English!

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Congratulations to Will Banks, Stephanie West-Puckett, and Kerri Flinchbaugh

Congratulations to Will Banks, Stephanie West-Puckett, and Kerri Flinchbaugh, who have received a $15,000 federal National Writing Project SEED Invitational Leadership Institute Grant for 2017-2018 to build teacher leadership cohorts in eastern NC. The Tar River Writing Project leadership institute will focus on advocacy and social justice as a frame for thinking about writing, learning, collaborating, leading, and going public with teachers’ work. The TRWP team will be recruiting local teachers and kicking off the institute with a retreat at Pocosin Arts Riverside Lodge this summer. Go English!

Sarah McKeever photo

English senior Sarah McKeever presented at the 3rd DISSH Symposium!

English senior Sarah McKeever was one of the presenters in the student and instructional panel at the 3rd Digital Innovation and Scholarship in Social Sciences and Humanities (DISSH) Symposium on March 16, 2017. For the past two years, Sarah has worked as an intern for the Donne Varorium project led by Professor Jeffrey Johnson, building her own research agenda along the way. Sarah’s Student Spotlight is also available here! Below are pics from the DISSH Symposium. Go English!

Photo of Sarash McKeever at DISSH Symposium Photo of Sarash McKeever at DISSH Symposium

Photo of Sarash McKeever at DISSH Symposium

Event Poster for Nerd Nite March 2017

Join Brian Glover and Andrea Kitta for Nerd Nite on 3/24!

This Friday, 3/24, Professors Brian Glover and Andrea Kitta will be talking atNerd Nite — a “fun-yet-informative event where speakers present about something they’re passionate about, for people who are “interested in nerdery and good beer.”  More info below and attached. We hope you will join us!

Bike Infrastructure: Beyond Paint
By Brian Glover

Description: Bicycles are fun, stylish, efficient, and, compared with cars, way more compatible with beer. In polls, Americans consistently say they would like to use their bikes for transportation more often – but they don’t like sharing the roads with motor vehicles. Drivers say they don’t like sharing the roads with bicycles. What’s a sweet li’l city like Greenville to do? This talk will briefly outline the history of U.S. bike infrastructure (is Vehicular Cycling a cult? Tune in to find out!), then present an overview of today’s modern bikeway designs from the cycling meccas of Denmark and the Netherlands to homegrown innovations from around the USA.
Bio: Brian Glover is the kind of nerd who has actually made a trip to Copenhagen just to check out the bike lanes. He served for five years on the Greenville Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission, and is a League of American Bicyclists certified traffic safety instructor. He is also Teaching Associate Professor of English at East Carolina University.

Folklore: The Greatest Discipline You’ve Never Heard Of
By Andrea Kitta

Description: Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker, only to discover they died 10 years ago that very night? Have you heard about the Kentucky Fried Rat? The person who got a gerbil stuck where it didn’t belong? Believe it or not, someone actually studies these things and they are willing to drink and talk to you about them! Dr. Andrea Kitta will discuss urban legends, the supernatural, belief, and medicine and demonstrate that nothing is “just” folklore and folklore is a lot more than you thought. Draw comfort in the fact that “fake news” has been around forever and “alternative facts” are nothing new. Laugh at hilarious memes! Learn that you, too, fell for a ridiculous story at some point in your life!
Bio: Dr. Andrea Kitta has a MA in Folk Studies and a PhD in Folklore. She’s an associate professor in the department of English where she studies contemporary (urban) legends and tricks students into learning theory by talking about ghosts. You probably shouldn’t ask her about cats or horror movies unless you have a lot of time on your hands.

The PDF for the event may be found here.

Portrait of Phil Clay

Recap of National Book Award Winner Phil Klay’s Visit to ECU

Last week, ECU hosted the 2017 Veterans Writing Workshop. The workshop featured National Book Award-winning author Phil Klay.

The annual Veterans Writing Workshop is designed to coach and mentor veterans and military-connected writers to record their stories of service. The event is an English Department initiative in concert with ECU Veteran Services and other departments and local agencies. Committee members include Tom Douglass, Anna Froula, Jim Kirkland, Bob Siegel, and John Hoppenthaler. Siegel and Hoppenthaler will lead writing workshops, and ECU grad students Ben Abel, Cameron Green and Will Eddins are involved as assistants.

To learn more about the workshop, visit http://www.wcti12.com/…/ecu-veteran-writing-works…/398871077.

Below are photos captured from the event by English MA Emily Tucker and Gabrielle Carrero!

Phil Klay speaks at Veterans Writing Workshop March 2017 Photo of Guest speakert at Writing Workshop March 2017 Phil Klay speaks at Veterans Writing Workshop March 2017

Photo Credit (above): Emily Tucker

Ron Capps speaks at Veterans Writing Workshop March 2017 Phil Klay speaks at Veterans Writing Workshop March 2017 Phil Klay speaks at Veterans Writing Workshop March 2017 Phil Klay speaks at Veterans Writing Workshop March 2017 Dr Frederick Foote speaks at Veterans Writing Workshop March 2017 Dr. Frederick Foote speaks at Veterans Writing Workshop March 2017

Photo Credit (above): Gabrielle Carrero

Icon for English Graduate Student Conference

7th Annual ECU English Graduate Student Conference

Mark your calendars for the Seventh Annual ECU English Graduate Student Conference, on March 25th from 10:00am-2:00pm.

English graduates, if you are interested in submitting a 250-word proposal, please email your proposal with title by March 22nd to Teresa Bryson (atbryson15@students.ecu.edu). All proposals will be accepted.

This conference provides an opportunity to:
*Learn about the work and interests of your peers.
*Gain conference experience in a friendly setting.
*Expand your CV.
*Present material related to your Thesis/CAP (in progress or potential) to receive feedback.

Ways to Participate:
*Present a paper (perhaps one you wrote for a class).
*Create a two or three-person panel (perhaps papers written for the same class).
*Create a roundtable discussion (two or more people) on a scholarly or pedagogical topic.
*Design a poster presentation.
*Read from your original creative writing (all genres welcome).

Email questions to Teresa Bryson (brysont15@students.ecu.edu).

Profile Picture of Margaret Bauer

Congratulations to Margaret Bauer!

Congratulations to Margaret Bauer, whose personal essay “Design of Darkness” was just published in the Spring 2017 issue of storySouth.

You can read it online here: http://www.storysouth.com/2017/03/design-of-darkness.html.

storySouth showcases the best fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry that writers from the new south have to offer. Special emphasis is given to finding and promoting the works of promising new writers.

Kimberly Thompson Profile Pic

Congratulations to PhD Student Kimberly Thompson!

English department’s PhD student Kimberly Thompson’s article, “The Cross-Cultural Power of Yuri: Riyoko Ikeda’s Queer Rhetorics of Place-Making in The Rose of Versailles,” has been published in the current issue of Peitho (19.2, 2017).

Download her article here: http://peitho.cwshrc.org/.

The article analyzes the first four episodes of the adapted Japanese animation of Riyoko Ikeda’s The Rose of Versailles to illustrate the value of examining queer rhetorical practices of place-making in transnational texts. Set in the late eighteenth century, The Rose of Versailles provides viewers a glimpse of the French Revolution through the main character Lady Oscar, the gender-bending bodyguard and advisor of Marie Antoinette. By queering place and space, Ikeda develops an alternative narrative of eighteenth century France that illuminates queer possibilities of being.

Move Poster for Forbidden Documentary

Ethnic Studies Film Series: Forbidden (2016)

Film Title: Forbidden (2016)
Time: 6:00 to 8:30 PM
Place: Sci-tech  307C
Guests: Both the director, Tiffany Rhynard, AND Moises will be at the movie’s screening. They will answer questions about the film after the movie is over.
Synopsis: If you are an undocumented queer immigrant living in the United States amidst this turbulent political climate, you are not safe and your future is at risk. When Moises Serrano was just a baby, his parents risked everything to flee Mexico and make the perilous journey across the desert in search of the American dream. After 23 years growing up in the rural south where he is forbidden to live and love, Moises sees only one option — to fight for justice.
Forbidden is a feature length documentary about an inspiring young man whose story is exceptional, although not unique. Moises is like the thousands of young people growing up in the United States with steadfast dreams but facing overwhelming obstacles.
The film chronicles Moises’ work as an activist traveling across his home state of
North Carolina as a voice for his community, all while trying to forge a path for his own future.


Full Panel from Beyond Your Degree

English Alumni Bridget Todd and Christina Mayr Joined Us for Beyond Your Degree Event on 2/23

Department of English alumnae Bridget Todd and Christina Mayr were prominently featured at the Beyond Your Degree event Thursday, Feb. 23. The event was co-sponsored by Career Services and the Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences.
Todd is an educator, organizer, and writer living in Washington DC. She worked to amplify the writing of political activists as an outreach manager at Medium.com. She has worked on the digital team at MSNBC and taught writing at Howard University. Her work organizing digital trainings for progressive organizers for the New Organizing Institute was covered by the Washington Post. Her writing has been published by the Atlantic, Boston Review, and BuzzFeed. She has been featured on the Daily Show and she questioned former President Obama on MTV. Todd’s website is here: https://www.clippings.me/users/bridgetmarie
Mayr is a technical writer and editor in the Raleigh-Durham area and is the current president of the Society for Technical Communication, Carolina Chapter. She has worked in pharmaceuticals, engineering, government, manufacturing, and information technology industries. She currently is the Lead Technical Editor at Extreme Networks and is a teacher fight the Duke Technical Communications Certificate program. She also runs Resume Renovations, a resume writing and career counseling service. Christina was previously featured in an Alumni Spotlight for the English department: http://blog.ecu.edu/sites/englishnews/alumni-spotlights-christina-eftekhar-mayr/
In addition to Todd and Mayr, the alumni panel also featured Tremayne Smith (2011, Bachelors of Music Education & Political Science), Diana Ray (2006, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Social Work), and Mandee Lancaster (Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Economic Development).
Full Panel from Beyond Your Degree Panel from Beyond Your Degree Panel from Beyond Your Degree
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