Congrats, Spring 2017 Grads!

The Department of English hosted its graduation ceremony at 2 p.m. Friday, May 5, in Hendrix Theatre. Five students received their PhDs, 18 received their MAs, and 22 received their BAs. In addition, 15 certificates were awarded.

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The following students earned the Doctor of Philosophy in Rhetoric, Writing, and Professional Communication:

Dr. Alana Faye Baker

Dr. Janine Marie Butler

Dr. Ryan Chad Holt

Dr. Therese Indira Pennell

Dr. Stephanie J. West-Puckett

The following students earned the Master of English:

Teresa Marie Bryson

Lindsay Robin Bundrick

Emma H. Calow

Peter Thomas Campbell

Jason Wilks Fetzgerald

Joshua Richard Gardner

Constance Monique Haywood

Pamela E. Henderson-Kirkland

Sterling Eugene-Elon James

Rosemary Martina McMahon

Randall August Meisenhelder

Rocky Elizabeth Patacsil

Tiffany Eve Price

Edward Allen Reges

Sarah Beth Cox Robbins

Jonah Evan Schwartz

Meghann Alanna Totherow

Darryl Washington-Hardy

The following students earned the Bachelor of Arts in English:

Amanda Celestial Adkins

David Joseph Baker

Joseph Abram Graham Bannerman

Brooke Lauren Belcher

Ryann Lynn Bryant

Josephine Anne Cariño

Jasmine C. Cruz

Shaquille Dixon

Ellen King Franks

Cati Garretson

Seth Thomas Culledge

Julia Mary Horiates

Maria Infante

Julia Paige Jensen

Christian JamesMatthews

Jason Alexander McCleary

Sarah Elizabeth McKeever

Joshua Andrew Moore

Dominique Isreal Reyes-Hildel

Crystal Danielle White

Brandon Lamont Williams

Maya Lawann Williams

Congratulations to all!



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