Congratulations to Tom Herron and the Explorations in Renaissance Culture Team!!!

Congratulations to Tom Herron, Corinee Guy, and graduate students Sarah Meador and Rose McMahon on the publication of volume 43.2 of Explorations in Renaissance Culture. This issue was edited by Tom and Jonathan Reid (History).

See the issue here:

It features a wide range of genres and subject matter, including Milton and Galileo (by a professor in Puerto Rico); Hakluyt’s colonial writing and Aristotle (by a professor in Saskatchewan); Spenser, Shakespeare, Skelton, and Despair (by the great scholar James Nohrnberg of UVA); animals in art (by a professor in Israel); and, finally, an article by Kevin Moll of ECU Music on new ways of thinking of the L’homme armee mass, including classroom uses. This is the last issue of the journal that will be published at ECU before it moves to a new editorial team and a new home. Go English!

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