Dr. Will Brooker (Dr. Batman) discusses the Dark Knight at public lecture

On Wednesday, October 24th, Dr. Will Brooker delivered his talk “Tales of the Dark Knight: Batman as Mosaic, Myth and Folk Hero” to a standing room audience of faculty, students, comic book fans, and other community members at the Greenville Art Museum.

Dr. Brooker discussed how Batman has become a kind of folk figure or cultural icon, rather than simply a commercial corporate character, and that many recent Batman stories self-consciously reflect on this idea that he’s an urban myth, taking different forms to different people at different times.

Dr. Brooker is Head of Film and TV research at Kingston University, London. He is the author/editor of 8 books and is the incoming editor of Cinema Journal, the top refereed journal in the field of film, television and media studies.

Fans line up to talk with Dr. Brooker. (photo by Amanda Klein)

Dr. Batman trades Gotham for Greenville