Dr. Andrea Kitta Takes on Fake News

Andrea Kitta’s article “Alternative Health Websites and Fake News: Taking a Stab at Definition, Genre, and Belief” was just published in a special issue on Fake News in the Journal of American Folklore (JAF). In her essay, Dr. Kitta considers types of fake news, where fake news occurs, and what motivates people to create fake news. She also addresses fake news by looking at alternative health belief sites, including anti-vaccination sites, as precursors to other types of fake news and as a way to understand the intersection of fake news and belief.

JAF is the premier folklore journal in the world and this special issue is based on a series of presentations from last year’s major conference. This group of articles had a quick turn-around time since the topic is so timely.


Dr. Brent Henze Contributes Chapter to Journal

Brent Henze authored the chapter “What do Instructors Need to Know about Teaching Genre?” in the collection Teaching Professional and Technical Communication (Utah State University Press, 2018). This book introduces teachers of technical and professional communication to the most important theories and research-informed practices in the field and provides resources for using those theories and practices in their instruction. Brent’s chapter introduces teachers to contemporary genre theory in technical communication.

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Congratulations — Amber Flora Thomas

Congratulations to Amber Flora Thomas, whose poem “The Moon that Night,” along with an accompanying essay, were just published in Poetry Society of America’s In Their Wordsseries. The poem was previously published in her new book, Red Channel in the Rupture, and in a few anthologies, but the essay reflecting on the poem and its composition is new.

Read both here:http://www.poetrysociety.org/psa/poetry/crossroads/own_words/Thomas/. Go English!

Congratulations — Helena Feder and Erin Frost

Congratulations to Helena Feder and Erin Frost, both of whom received Harriot College of Arts and Sciences travel grants.

Helena will use her grant towards the costs of her travel this week to Philosophische Fakultät: Cultivating Sustainability in Cologne, Germany, where she will present a keynote lecture, “Education and the Environmental Turn.”

Erin will use her grant towards the costs of her travel later this month to the Watson Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, where she will present a paper, “The Impact of Medical Imaging on Bodily Matter(s).”

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Congratulations — Matt Cox

Congratulations to Matt Cox, whose article “Working Closets: Mapping Queer Professional Discourses and Why Professional Communication Studies Need Queer Rhetorics” has just been published in the Journal of Business and Technical Communication. This article examines the importance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rhetorical approaches in professional communication theory, introducing the theory of working closets as central to understanding how LGBT professionals navigate and succeed. It is available online here:https://doi.org/10.1177/1050651918798691.

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Congratulations — Brian Glover

Congratulations to Brian Glover, whose article “’Evidence’: Garth Risk Hallberg’s City on Fire, the Gutenberg Parenthesis, and Generation X at Midlife” has just been published in Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction. This article traces the post-millennial transformation of Generation X as a cultural phenomenon and places Hallberg’s novel in relation to early-twenty-first-century memorial culture and the transformations of both punk subcultures and the physical format of the book. It is available online here: https://doi.org/10.1080/00111619.2018.1432559.

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