Local Participants

ECU and Centro Team 2017

The expedition’s local partner was the Community Center of Ambassadors of the Sea (Centro Comunitario de Buceo Embajadores y Embajadoras del Mar).


María Suárez Toro

Dr. María Suárez Toro is originally from Puerto Rico, but lives in Costa Rica and became “tica” 44 years ago. She is 68 years old and has been scuba diving for 13 years, since she made his course of PADI in Manzanillo. The sea is my house: “I come from the sea and every day I returned to it or thought about it when I’m away. I am a teacher, writer and journalist, but especially a fisherwoman in a responsible way and to dive is one of my hobbies.”

“When I was 12, diving in Vega Baja, I had the feeling of being one with the sea, I felt that through my blood ran salt warm water that was surrounding me; I felt that the current that rocked the algae was marking the rhythm of my heart and I knew that was the eternal womb. Since then I keep looking for that communion that I know I have with the rest of the nature and that knowledge the sea gave it to me, I owe the sea knowing myself with the planet. ”
















Ramón Ernesto Cruz Espinoza and José Francisco Saballo, López

Ramón Ernesto Cruz Espinoza, María Suárez Toro, and Giovani Sandoval

2016 Team:

Fredrick Wright




Fredrick Wright Webb is originally from Limon, Costa Rica. At 39 years old. He has been diving for 20 years. He likes the quiet and solitude of the sea, but also enjoys farming and gardening. He has been mentoring the young ambassadors for several years.





Sigrid Lahmann is from San Jose and lives part of the year in Cocles near Puerto Viejo.  She participated in the NAS courses and is the owner of La Caracola, our beautiful field school accommodations situated on the beach. She has a large family of 5 children and 6 grandchildren who visit her often.  For many years Sigrid worked with tsigridhe indigenous communities of Costa Rica researching and advising on issues of health and nutrition. Currently, she has retired from this position and restores antique furniture, a long standing family business.  Her interest in archaeology began many years ago when she lived on a university campus in San Jose and participated in an excavation on the property of her housing complex. Her most rewarding work recently, is her involvement with the Community Diving Center “Ambassadors of the Sea”. She has contributed a great deal to the foundational establishment of this organization (started in 2011) by locating diving equipment, raising funds for purchasing gear, and supporting the field school with accommodations at La Caracola. We are deeply grateful to Sigrid for all her help.





Julio Ugalde






Julio Ugalde Jimenéz is originally from Punta Uva. Now 37 years old, he has been a free diver for many years, but only began SCUBA diving two years ago. He likes the sea, saying: “it relaxes me and shows me we still have a lot to learn, I can see many things that other people don’t or get to know.”


Anderson Rodríguez


Anderson Rodríguez Brown is from Puerto Viejo, Talamanca in Limon, Costa Rica. He is 18 years old and has been diving for 4 years. He likes to dive, saying simply, “It’s fun”, and enjoys the sea because of the mysteries that can be revealed beneath its surface.





Royer ColonerRoyer Steven Coloner Leiva is originally from Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, in Limon, Costa Rica. He is 19 years old and has been diving for 4 years. He likes the sea because “it is wonderful to find the aquatic world, is a unique experience.” He is also an avid cyclist.






Pete Stevens Rodríguez


Pete Stevens Rodríguez is originally from Puerto Viejo, Talamanca in Limon. He is 16 years old and this is his first year diving. He likes diving because “it is really nice, an incomparable feeling.” He also likes surfing.


Giovanni Sandoval Chaparro





Giovanni Sandoval Chaparro is 34 years old and had been diving for 16 years. He is an oceanographer and diving instructor. He likes to surf and take care for marine species, but also enjoys running, swimming, biking and change people’s attitudes about the environment and trash.


Esteban Gallo


Esteban Gallo Madrigal is from Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in Limon. He is 19 years old and has been diving for 4 years. He likes marine science and is inspired to learn what is in the ocean, studying spices and things that can be found. Besides diving “I like running, mountain biking, playing cricket and baseball.

“When I didn’t know the sea I had no interest in it, but then my dad brought me to live near the sea and I was taught to swim, then snorkel and then I met Maria. She asked me if I wanted to dive with tanks and I said yes immediately and began to think of all the interesting things you could learn in the bottom of the sea… like species. And now with the theme of discovering shipwrecks, bottles, bricks, etc., WOW! Now it really is wonderful. I am grateful to Maria and all the people who helped us to accomplish this new achievement. I love diving and I will not stop. ”


Gloriana Brenes


Gloriana Brenes is originally from the capital, San José but has been living in Puerto Viejo for five years. She is 39 year old; at the age of 12 years she learned to dive in the Florida Keys and got his scuba certification diving in the Red Sea 18 years ago. She likes surfing, diving and snorkeling and was a professional swimmer, and is also a dance teacher. “I became interested in diving because my first experience about the colors was in the seabed when I was two years old when I saw myself surrounded by colors.”


Tygo Constant



Tygo Contant Brederoo is originally from Belgium, but has been living in Costa Rica for 14 years. He is 15 years old and has been diving for 3 years. The sea is his favorite place because there are no problems and everything is nice and relaxed. “I played basketball one year, but my passion is diving. I love the sea and I want to protect it and learn everything that has to do with the it, scuba diving is my life.”


Kevin Rodríguez

Kevin Rodríguez is 16 years old and lives in Puerto Viejo. He has two sisters and two brothers; he attends school at Playa Chiquita Beach; when he graduates from school he would like to go to the University to study something dealing with technology. He likes to play Soccer, to fish, to dive, to surf and loves to eat lobster, but also he likes to play guitar, especially jazz. When he dives he likes to do it in Costa Rica, but he would like to go diving to Mexico, Brazil and Hawaii. Diving in reefs and caves are two types of diving he prefers. His advice … keep searching & keep diving!




Alexander Koblensky is 32 years old, currently working as a computer programmer. Born near Tuscany, Italy. He has two sons, Sangey (13 years old) and MOMO (2 years old). He is new to diving, but really enjoys it so far. The analytical thought processes behind archaeology is what intrigues him the most about the field. He would eventually like to work more with photogrammetry.