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Brett D Keiper

Associate Professor & Graduate Director
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Phone: 252-744-2656
Web site:

Areas of expertise: germ cells, protein synthesis, mRNA, ribosomes, reproduction and gametogenesis, apoptosis and oncogenesis, gene expression

John D. Rummel

Professor, Biology
Director of the Institute for Coastal Science and Policy at ECU

Areas of expertise: science, astrobiology, origin of the universe, planetary exploration, NASA, life sciences, ecosystems ecology, community ecology, evolutionary ecology, deep sea hydrothermal vents, life in the universe, evolution, solar system exploration without contamination

Donald Stanley

Professor of biology
Institute for Coastal and Marine Resources
•    Phone: 252-328-6810
•    E-mail:

Areas of expertise: Estuarine and aquatic ecology, nutrients estuary, Pamlico River, water monitoring, pollutant removal stormwater, municipal water quality

Roger A. Rulifson

Professor of  biology
Director of the Field Station for Coastal Studies at Mattamustkeet
•    Phone: 252-328-1757 or 252-328-1846
•    E-mail:

Areas of expertise: Fisheries biology; fisheries management; ocean migrations; fish: alewife, blueback herring, striped bass and spiny dogfish; bycatch reduction in the commercial shrimp fishery, Matttamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge on the Albemarle-Pamlico peninsula

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