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Andrew S. Brimhall

Child Development and Family Relations
Assistant Professor
College of Human Ecology

Phone:   252-757-2076

Areas of expertise:  My specialties focus on understanding how families navigate relational transitions. These include: Divorce and Remarriage; Attachment-based Couple and Family Interactions; Parent-child Interaction; Filial Play Therapy; Sexual issues

Dr. Jay Lee

Assistant Professor, Department of Hospitality Management
College of Human Ecology
Rivers West 306


Areas of expertise:  emotional labor, emotional intelligence, customer orientation of service employees, workplace deviant behavior, burnout


Dr. Ian Hines

Assistant professor
Department of Nutrition Science
College of Human Ecology

Areas of Expertise: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Regulation of liver immune cell function, Hepatic fibrosis/cirrhosis induction and progression, Interrelation of diet and intestinal bacteria on liver function

Dr. Ian Hines

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