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Linda May

Department of Foundational Sciences and Research
Assistant Professor, School of Dental Medicine


Development of the child before and after birth, body composition and heart health measures for the baby in utero and after birth into childhood, attenuating the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Dr. Roman Pawlak

Assistant professor, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics



Community based research; regarding consumers’ attitude, intention, and dietary behavior; community based approach to weight management; community based approach to reverse diabetes; diabetes complications; and cardiovascular disease with dietary interventions

Ron Cortright

Professor, Kinesiology
College of Health and Human Performance

•    Phone: 252-737-4678
•    E-mail: cortrightr@ecu.edu
•    Web: http://www.ecu.edu/cs-hhp/exss/cortrightr.cfm

Areas of expertise: Bioenergetics, skeletal muscle metabolism, obesity, diabetes, exercise physiology, skeletal muscle glucose/lipid metabolism, gender/racial differences in metabolism, mitochondria-peroxisomal interactions, exercise (human and rodent models; molecular (in vivo, in vitro), integrative physiology)