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Michael R. McCammon

Lecturer, exercise and sport science
Associate director, Human Performance Lab
•    Phone: 252-737-1293
•    E-mail: mccammonm@ecu.edu
•    Web: www.ecu.edu/cs-hhp/exss/mccammonm.cfm

Areas of expertise: Obesity intervention for children and adolescents, evaluating caloric prediction equations on exercise equipment, the effect of exercise on blood pressure control

Matthew Mahar

Professor, Kinesiology
Director, Activity Promotion Laboratory
Department of Health and Human Performance

•    Phone: 252-328-0008
•    E-mail: maharm@ecu.edu
•    Web: http://www.ecu.edu/cs-hhp/exss/apl.cfm

Areas of expertise: Physical activity and fitness in children, childhood obesity, exercise testing and prescription

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