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Paige Viren

Recreation and Leisure Studies

Associate Professor



Sustainable community-based tourism; ecotourism; adventure travel; nature based tourism; tourism marketing; tourism planning and development; consumer behavior; floods; flooding

Hans Vogelsong

Associate Professor of Coastal Social Science and Policy




Coastal Resources Management; tourism; sustainable tourism; Institute for Coastal Science and Policy; Human Dimensions of Natural Resources; parks; seashores; beaches; aquatic safety

Carol Kline

Assistant professor
Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies/Center for Sustainable Tourism
College of Health and Human Performance

Areas of expertise:  rural tourism planning and development, sustainable tourism, niche tourism markets, tourism impacts, tourism entrepreneurship, sustainable food systems and tourism

Dr. Jacqueline de Chabert-Rios

Visiting assistant professor
Department of Hospitality Management
College of Human Ecology

Areas of expertise: Foodservice Management, Strategy and Environmental Scanning, Sustainability in the Foodservice and Educational Arena

de Chabert-Rios

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