Does Jumping Height Increase From Plyometric Training

Can plyometric training make you jump 1 foot higher?

If we are talking about vertical jumps we are talking about exercises that require

explosive strength. Explosive strength is also defined as; ‘The individual availability of the neuro-muscular system to manifest strain in the shortest possible time-span. ‘


Plyometrics also known as “plyos” are exercises that are designed to produce fast and powerful movements. These specific programs are used to improve performance in athletes who are looking to become faster, quicker, and stronger. Plyometric exercises use explosive and powerful movements within the muscle which exerts maximum force in the shortest time possible.


Or we can just say that it is not only a matter of muscles and weight but also of

communication between your the neuro-system and muscles.


Plyometric training exercises include things like jumping from a standing position onto a box at a certain height.  As the client improves, the height of the box will get higher and higher.  Over time this will increase the person’s leg strength, power and flexibility.  This will lead to a higher vertical jump.


Depending on an individuals specific sport, most athletes would like to become quicker, faster, stronger and more powerful to enhance their performance. Plyometric exercises are proven exercises that, make an athlete enhance these certain qualities in their performance. Maybe you want to land a football scholarship to that big school, be a basketball player on the next level, or maybe even improve activities of daily living, plyometric programs can help you get closer to your goal.


According to a study done at Serbian State University, there were two groups made up of 46 people. Two groups consisting of 23 people each. One group consisted of volleyball players and the other group were high school students. The volleyball group, were put through a program which consisted of plyometric training over a six week period. The control group consisted of the regular students and the experimental group contained the volleyball players.


According to the research, the outcome had a 6.6% difference from the start of the experiment to the final results. But the control group only gained 0.22% difference from the beginning of the program to the end. Overall the experimental group had a larger improvement compared to the control group
So can plyometric training make you jump 1 feet higher? No, it is unlikely that plyometric training can give you enough improvement to make you jump a foot higher.


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