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Some of the biggest fads this year in weight loss are detox diets. Detoxes are strategies used to cleanse the body of toxins and poisons. A basic detox encourages organic and whole unprocessed foods with an increased mixture of fruits and vegetables. It is suggested to take out all beverages with the exception of two liters of water per day. Avoid the usage of caffeine, alcohol, drugs, added sugars, processed foods and certain supplements because these are the primary sources of toxins in the body. While this is the most diet-like detox, others have been as extreme as pure liquid detoxes such as the popular Lemonade Detox.

The Lemonade Detox, or the “The Master Cleanse Diet”, is composed of very few ingredients: water, organic grade B maple syrup, fresh lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. This detox is not designed to drop weight but that may be one of the outcomes because of the loss in excess water weight or water weight toxins. This diet is supposed to help clear and “cleanse” the body by way of the kidneys and digestive system, eliminate toxins that have formed in the body, purify glands, and boost metabolism. Although this diet has often been incorrectly used by many for weight loss, it could actually be beneficial when used appropriately.

One detox which caters to athletes and physical activity dieters is the Eating for Energy Detox.  Focusing on diet and weight loss, it promotes a healthier lifestyle. It is a 12 week raw food diet that centers on fruit and vegetables but has flexibility in the program. Some of the mentioned foods are fresh fruits, vegetables and juices, fish oil, brown rice, and whey protein. Exercising for 30 minutes each day is encouraged along with strength training 2-4 times a week and stretching. This helps your cardiovascular system, prevent fat gain, and improve sleep. The approach to fresh foods and healthy fat intake makes it very flexible however, it comes with some uncomfortable detox symptoms, food prep is timely, and it can be expensive.

Another system is the Clean Green Lean Detox. It is a 4 week long diet that eliminates toxins which prevent weight loss, helps overcome chronic problems such as fatigue and allergies, and boosts energy. Some suggested foods are organic fruits and vegetables, salmon, chicken, tofu, soy milk, brown rice, olive oil, pecans, and gluten-free bread. This can assist dieters who have been unsuccessful in the past and encourage intake of organic food. This detox would appear as the most optimal and healthy diet someone could choose except that it can be pricey and it does not include any exercise guidelines.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a detox diet, or any diet, is that its intentions correlate with your own personal goals. Misuse or abuse of a detox diet could be detrimental to health. Following the recipes and not consuming more than what is recommended are the best ways to stay healthy during a detox diet.

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