Musical Postcard from Berlin

Studying abroad is a truly transformative experience, touching personal lives as well as guiding professional trajectories, as Cameron Stephenson showcased on Monday, November 19th, when he premiered sections from his “Postcard” Septet as part of the NC NewMusic Initiative at ECU. After returning from his summer study abroad program in Berlin, Music Composition major and German minor Cameron was inspired to turn his impressions and experiences into a musical composition: “Just like the postcards and souvenirs I bought to share with my friends and family, I wanted this piece to serve as a group of vignettes representing the memories and scenery of Berlin as I experienced it.” The three movements entitled “Nachtwalzer,” “Auf dem Tegeler See,” and “Spaziergang durch den Tiergarten” represent the city after dark, scenes at lake Tegel, and a walk through Berlin’s central park as they remind the listener of music by some of Berlin’s most well-known composers, such as Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Kurt Weill, along with folksier tunes. These three movements are part of a longer Berlin-themed composition, which will be premiered in the Spring semester, so stay tuned for details regarding the time and place.