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November 16, 2015 Candlelight Vigil in remembrance of the Paris attacks

VigilpicsAbout 175 people, including HCAS Dean William Downs, faculty from east and west campus, people from the community, French expats, members of the Muslim student association, members of the SGA, and French Club members and French students attended a candlelight vigil on Monday in remembrance of the terror attacks on Paris. Prof. Marylaura Papalas who organized the event, spoke as follows:

“I would like to thank everyone for coming out to the cupola this evening. The French section of the Department of Foreign Languages, and the French Club, organized this event to honor victims of violence, conflict, and war everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, this violence did not begin or end with the events that took place in Paris on Friday evening. Peoples of all nationalities, ethnicities, genders and faith are victims of violence everyday, and the attack on Paris, a symbol of democracy and liberty, brings into relief the cost of violence and war. I ask that we have one minute of silence to honor these victims, their families, and their friends. Please take this moment to reflect on the events, to hope for peace, to pray if you prefer, or to just be in silence. Thank you.”

Media Coverage:

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Faculty Author Book Awards

Books2015lgFive FLL Faculty were recognized for the book publications during 2014-2015 (from left to right):

Frédéric Fladenmuller. Proust ou l’écriture inversive. Du temps perdu au temps retrouvé. Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures, v. 226. Peter Lang.

Steven Cerutti. Cicero’s Pro Archia Poeta Oratio. Bolchazy-Carducci. 3rd AP edition.

Jill Twark. Envisioning Social Justice in Contemporary German Culture. Studies in German Literature, Linguistics, and Culture. Camden House.

John Given. The Fragmentary History of Priskos of Panion: Attila, the Huns and the Romans, AD 430-476. Christian Roman Empire Vol. 11. Arx Publishing.

Ben Fraser. Antonio López García’s Everyday Urban Worlds: A Philosophy of Painting. Bucknell University Press.

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Postcard from Paris

Dori St. Amant, Nicolas Medevielle and Marylaura Papalas in the Latin Quarter with students from the study abroad program. MLP: We spoke mainly in French throughout the meal. We all had a really nice time, and I was glad to see that the program is doing so well!