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October events in German

Dear German Students and Friends of German Studies,

I. Heute, Mittwoch, der 14. Oktober trifft sich unser Deutschklub im Zimmer 3321 Bate, im Foreign Language Department, für eine Kulturpräsentation.
Alle sind eingeladen (=invited), auch wenn Sie noch nicht so gut Deutsch sprechen!

1) II. On Friday, October 16, ECU German Major Alumna Jill Dawkins will speak of her professional career as a lawyer and how studying German has helped her succeed. Her talk will be in Bate 1031 from 3:00-4:30pm this Friday.

III. Kaffee und Deutsch will be at the Coffee Shack, which is located at 168 Beacon Drive Winterville NC 28590, on Sunday, October 18 and November 15, both at 1pm.
Carpooling will be provided at the parking lot behind Mendenhall Student Center @ 12:30pm contact Anthony Razov

Here it is the little spiel about the event: Come for brunch and an extra dose of German. Students will talk about topics in Germany, play games, receive help with German Hausaufgaben and/or converse in German. Students must contribute for a culture point.

IV. Filmabend — Der nächste deutsche Film, Lore von Cate Shortland (2012), ist am Mittwoch, dem 21. Oktober um 6.00 Uhr am Abend (moved up a day from Thursday because of the football game that night)


The program runs for 4 weeks from May 22-June 18 (SSI) and costs $3500. Students can take either:

a) 6 credits of German language at the Inlingua School in central Berlin; students will be placed in appropriate levels; no prior knowledge of German needed OR
b) 3 credits for FORL 2600/GERM 3700 Special Topics: The Holocaust and Its Remembrance; students learn about the Holocaust through lectures and site visits, such as the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, the Memorial to Murdered Jews of Europe; lectures are in English
c) combine both options for 9 credits

We will explore the diverse facets of this vibrant city, along with its most astounding sites including the German Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, the Jewish Museum and much more.

For details, please contact Susanne Lenné Jones at 737-2309 or

Delta Phi Alpha, the National German Honor Society, has implemented a new Spring / Summer Study Abroad Scholarship to the German Speaking World!
*Deadline November 15th*
Full details regarding application for this scholarship are available online:

Please note that there are two additional student scholarships for Delta Phi Alpha members. The deadline for those scholarships is in March.

Want more info?: Please contact Prof. Jones at

You want to gain study AND work experience abroad? Then be part of the newly offered study and internship option within the state-to-state program between North Carolina and Baden-Württemberg!
UNC students studying in Baden-Württemberg for at least one semester may apply for this special internship program, that offers the possibility to combine a study abroad with an internship experience in Germany.
The internship can be completed either at a company or university (research internship) and will be supported by a scholarship offered by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung.
* Internship Application Deadline: November 15 for Spring 2016
Please contact me, Dr. Jill Twark, the German Study Abroad Adviser, at for more information.

Stephen Fafulas Co-PI of Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration Award

Stephen Fafulas will be Co-principal investigator for a collaborative interdisciplinary investigation on “Assessing levels of nasality among children whose primary language is Spanish.” The PI will be Jamie Perry, Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders in the College of Allied Health Sciences. They are joined by Lucia Mendez and Yolanda Holt, also of CAHS.

The Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration Award is sponsored by the Division of Research and Graduate Studies in partnership with the Divisions of Academic Affairs and Health Sciences to promote collaborations among faculty with complementary expertise that may lead to proposals that will attract extra-mural funding from major grants.