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Two Way Immersion Programs

Pitt County Schools is doing a feasibility study on two-way immersion programs to start in 2015-16. In such programs the entire curriculum is taught partially in Spanish and partially in English. Prof. Ann Borisoff who has just completed a dissertation on this subject was featured in an article in The Daily Reflector on March 4, discussing the benefits of such an approach in Pitt County where schools like Belvoir Elementary are 48% Hispanic.
Borisoff said that not only do all the students become bilingual and biliterate, but achievement improves and students develop cross-cultural competence. Data from programs such as the dual immersion program in Greene County have shown that students in such language immersion programs not only learn the standard curriculum despite the language challenges, but actually perform equal or better on grade level tests than their mono-lingual peers. A sample classroom might be an equal mix of native-Spanish and native-English speakers on an alternate day schedule in which the same curriculum is taught exclusively in Spanish one day and in English the next.

German News 2-20-2014. Film: Dresden

Dear friends of ECU’s German program,

Last week marked the 69th anniversary of the firebombing of Dresden, a controversial campaign that killed tens of thousands of the city’s inhabitants, decimated historical buildings and works of art, and inspired Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five.” (Vonnegut was a prisoner of war in Dresden at the time.)

MV5BMTM1NjEwMjI3N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTQyMjE2MQ@@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_This Thursday evening we will show “Dresden,” a made for t.v. miniseries that won the 2006 German Television Award for Best Movie/Mini-Series. “Dresden” is a love story set amidst war, one that gives us an opportunity to learn more about German history as we also learn more German. There will be subtitles and a brief 5-10 minute intermission halfway through the film, so feel free to bring friends and snacks as you require. (At 176 minutes, the film isn’t as long as “Titanic” or “Dr. Zhivago”, but it is slightly longer than “Der Untergang.”) I hope you can join us. — Prof. Smith


–German Club
Monday, 17 February
4-5 pm, FLL lounge (just down the corridor from Bate 3324, in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures)
“Hard-core” German language-only discussion about creating distance and intimacy in the German culture.

Thursday, 20 February
6:00-9:15 p.m., Bate 1016
Questions?: Email Prof. Smith

Ruhiges Gedenken in Dresden

Kein Naziaufmarsch

Vonnegut exhibit in Dresden


One of our minors from a few years back is working at VS America in Charlotte, and they are advertising a position in sales. The successful candidate must have be able to speak and write German. Interested applicants should apply through this link. Please let one of us German professors know if you are applying.

About VS America
With more than 110 years of company history with numerous pioneering product developments: Each chapter in VS’s success story alludes to its high standards combined with uncompromising focus on quality, and to intensive development work leading in the long term to a strong product range. VS is a powerful performer in Europe and America in the field of complete suppliers. Its broad spectrum of products provides holistic furniture solutions for schools, administration departments, offices and conference areas.

VS America is seeking to fill a full time Inside Sales Account representative fluent in German for the Charlotte, NC location. The ideal candidate will be ambitious, self-directed, creative and have the capacity to discern and solve logistical issues quickly.

The job is fast paced and the duties include:

Comprehensive sales assistance
Preparation of Price Quotes for clients
Order Entry
Shipment Organization
Sales and Marketing Assistance

Students present at Spanish Linguistics in North Carolina Conference


On February 8, Mario Becerra and Briceida Rodriguez, who are completing a BA in Hispanic Studies and are student members of the SoCIOLing (Study of Community Involvement and Outreach & Linguistics) Lab, presented the poster ‘A sociolinguistic analysis of morphosyntactic phenomena in the Spanish of Pitt County: A pilot study’ at the SLINKI (Spanish Linguistics in North Carolina) Conference held at Appalachian State University. Under the mentorship by Dr. Stephen Fafulas and Dr. Ricard Viñas-de-Puig, the students summarized the results of the research project in which they investigated the expression of future and clitic doubling constructions by native Spanish speakers from Pitt County.


Faculty and Staff Awards

StephenFafulasStephen Fafulas (on left with mentor Kirk St. Amant), hired this year as Asst. Prof. of Spanish, graduated from the ECU Engagement and Outreach Scholars Academy in December. His project was entitled, “Bridging the Gap: Bilingual Education and Community Engagement.”

Suzanne Powell, our Lead Administrative Associate, was recognized as a Treasured Pirate for her leadership in keeping up faculty morale in difficult times.

Dale Knickerbocker, Professor of Spanish, was selected in a search to continue as the Linda McMahon Distinguished Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures for 2014-16.

11/17/2013 News: Visiting Wintergreen School, Summer in Netherlands, Internship

–GERMAN IN MOTION: Visit to Wintergreen Intermediate School to introduce 4th graders to the German tradition of St. Nikolaus. In English
Thursday, 21 November
From Prof. Jensen: In Germany, St. Nikolaus comes on Dec 5, filling children’s boots with candy to be found the following morning. Due to our semester ending before that date, St Nikolaus will come to Greenville on Thursday, Nov. 21. We will show a PowerPoint presentation about diverse winter holidays in Germany to Greenville schoolchildren. While they watch, der Nikolaus fills their shoes in the hallway! If time permits, we teach the children to say “Fröhliche Weihnachten” and make snowflakes. Each classroom needs two student presenters, so the more students volunteer, the more children will smile.

ONE CULTURE POINT FOR STUFFING GIFT BAGGIES ON WEDNESDAY, NOV. 20, from 3-5 pm in the Ledonia Wright Cultural Center..
ONE CULTURE POINT FOR PARTICIPATING IN OUR SCHOOL VISIT ON THURSDAY, NOV. 21 (unfortunately, we’re not sure about the time yet).
You don’t have to participate on both days.

Please email Birgit Jensen by the end of this coming weekend to register for the school visit. We need to know how many classrooms we can visit. We may be able to do one morning and one afternoon trip.

2014SummerStudyNetherlands***STUDY ABROAD (NETHERLANDS)
ECU is offering a two-week summer program in the Netherlands on alternative energy and sustainability. It would be very easy to combine with a summer study abroad German language program, because of the geographical proximity of the two countries. Students could really benefit from the synergy of the two programs together. Apply through the International House and write a short, 3/4 page essay explaining how it would benefit your future career. See the attached flyer and contact Prof. Twark for more information about how to combine it with study in Germany.

Attention rising juniors, seniors, and graduating seniors in business and/or engineering: The Halle Foundation Internship Program, sponsored by the German American Chamber of Commerce for the Southern U. S., has 15 internships this coming summer for students in Georgia and the Carolinas (See flyer for more info, and contact Prof. Smith if you are planning to apply.)