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“Why everyone should learn the ancient languages,” Roger Kimball, editor of The New Criterion, November 2014.

The New Criterion

The Yale classicist Donald Kagan writes about Sir James Headlam-Morley, the man who occupied the position of Historical Adviser to the British Foreign Office in the 1920s. Headlam-Morley was a fount of good advice about all manner of strategic issues, not least the threat of German militarism. Headlam-Morley’s deep acquaintance with the past allowed him to predict the future with a gimlet-eyed clarity that, unfortunately for the world, most of those charged with steering the ship of state in the post-World War I years lacked. Headlam-Morley, Professor Kagan observes, was “a man with the only proper training for an expert in almost any field of human endeavor, but especially for the conduct of foreign policy and diplomacy: I mean, of course, Classical Studies.”

We smiled when we read that, too. The “of course” was especially nice. A more charming example of disciplinary chauvinism would be hard to find. Except that it is more than disciplinary chauvinism. It is also the simple, pragmatic truth.

»» Full article called “The Latin Vote” in The New Criterion

Cliff Robinson, first ECU Alumn to complete a PhD in Classics.

Cliff, shown here as winner of Duke’s 2014 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, successfully defended his dissertation on November 20, 2014 at Duke on “The Longest Transference: Self-Consolation and Politics in Latin Philosophical Literature.” Cliff graduated from ECU in English, Philosophy and Classics in 2007. He is currently a Visiting Instructor at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

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December 5, 2014. 12pm. Dr. Gregory E. Moreland, University of Florida. “Certificate in Spanish for the Professions: (Re)Invigorating the Foreign Language Curriculum”

Spanish professionsIn response to the ever-changing environment surrounding the study of foreign language(s) at the university level, and in an effort to meet student demand for interdisciplinary courses, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies (SPS) at the University of Florida recently introduced a new Certificate in Spanish for the Professions. Early results are quite promising, and this could serve as a model for other institutions interested in boosting enrollments in a wide variety of languages. In this presentation, Dr. Gregory E. Moreland, University of Florida, Undergraduate Coordinator in Spanish and Director of their Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum (FLAC) program, will describe the climate in which this Certificate was developed, outline its place within the broader Spanish curriculum, and speculate on prospects for the future. Audience participation is strongly encouraged.

November 19, 2014. «Ночной дозор», Night Watch, (2004). Russian Film Series. 6:30pm, Bate 1018

NightWatchA spectacular fantasy-thriller set in modern Moscow and directed by Timur Bekmambetov, this action movie is now well known as one of the first marvels of digital technology. It immediately became an international blockbuster after its 2004 release, and, at the time, it represented the largest profit ever made by a Russian film. The clash of good and evil, and the deadly conflict between the worlds of light and dark, brings a Hollywood-esque flair to a modern Russian setting, with healthy amounts of vampires and monsters mixed in. Sponsored by the Russian Studies Program.

Taste of Russia. 5pm, West End and Todd Dining Halls
Featuring Beef Stroganoff over Mashed Potatoes. Sponsored by Campus Dining.

November 16, 2014 German News

Dear German Studies enthusiasts,

This week is International Education week on campus; I hope you will review the attached information and plan to attend as your schedule permits. German Club is also offering a game day once again (all learner levels are welcome), and we are co-sponsoring a big event on Wednesday that will close out our series on “The Art of Peaceful Revolution: The Berlin Wall and Beyond.” More information is below and attached to this email. With best wishes,
David Smith, Associate Professor

Events This Week

–Tuesday, 18 Nov, 2-3pm
German Club: Game day – all levels welcome!
Lounge in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (Third Floor Bate)

–Wednesday, 19 Nov, 5:30pm (Hendrix Theater)
The Art of Peaceful Revolution: Can music/art change the world?
Welcome by Dr. Susanne Lenné Jones, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, ECU and Lecture by Dr. Amy Carr-Richardson, School of Music, ECU: “Compositional Process in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.”
Film Screening: Following the Ninth: In the Footsteps of Beethoven’s Final Symphony, (Kerry Candaele, 2013). The acclaimed film follows the Ninth Symphony to cultures around the world, including Germany, China and Chile, telling the story of the music’s impact in countries at critical turning points in history.
Panel Discussion: “Can music change the world? The Arts and People’s Protests.” Scholars from different disciplines in the arts and humanities discuss the role of art in social change.
Info: Dr. Susan Pearce ( or 252.328.2544) or Dr. Susanne Lenné Jones ( or 252.737.2390)

Any students interested in the Study Abroad in Berlin can come to the Study Abroad Fair on Nov. 18th. It’s from 1pm-4pm on the 2nd floor of Joyner library.
If you would like to secure a spot for the Study in Berlin program, please submit your application and a $300 deposit as soon as possible, as spaces are filling.
»» More information and application

Regarding Tuition Fees in Germany

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