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February 8, 2016 German News

Einen frohen Rosenmontag wünsche ich Euch!

Here are this week’s and next week’s German Club events:
I. Montag, 8. Februar: ROSENMONTAG (Crazy Candy Give-Away!): Thank you to those who registered with Dr. Jensen to participate!

Wednesday, February 10th @ 5:30pm, Bate Building Room 1028 (please see our updated Filmabend schedule, as well)
The Legend of Rita (Volker Schlöndorff, 2000)
This film follows Rita, a West German who belongs to a left-wing terrorist group in the 1970s. The group robs banks, kills people and inspires a dragnet after a jailbreak. The movie doesn’t make it easy for us: Rita is not an innocent bystander and kills a policeman herself. The Legend of Rita doesn’t adopt a simplistic political view: it’s about the collapse of belief during the last decade of the Cold War. It’s not propaganda for either side, but the story of how the division and reunification of Germany swept individual lives away indifferently in its tide.


Delta Phi Alpha is the National German Honorary Society. Our chapter, Eta Mu, has been existence since 1970 and aims to recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for continued engagement and scholarship.

Please send Prof. Jones ( an email by Friday, February 19th if you would like to join and if you think you might meet the criteria for membership. She can work to verify your candidacy:
* A minimum of two years of college or university German or their equivalent (if you are in German 1004 now, you qualify as far as this requirement goes)
* A minimum average of B+ or its equivalent in German courses
* A minimum cumulative average of B- or its equivalent

* Indication of continued interest in the study of German language and literature

Internships in Germany: please see the information and application here for internships in various fields offered through the American Association of Teachers of German. Applicants must pay a fee up front to apply, but then receive payment for their work at the host company or university:

Internships are available in a wide variety of fields, including social services, agriculture, computer science, medicine, finance, chemistry, childcare, and engineering.
Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students who have had at least year of German study. Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 at time of departure.
Internship Duration ranges from 2 to 6 months. See specific internship listings on the website for details.

Internship Program Cost is $2,000. The costs include the application fee and placement fee for services relating to placement, housing, work authorization, and visa application. Students must also have a minimum reserve of $1,500 at the time of departure to pay for personal expenses during their stay. See specific internship listings below for details on whether room and board is provided.
Internship Salary: Salaries are paid monthly and depend on the particular internship. Salaries range from €400-2000 per month.
Application Deadline is March 15.

III. Morehead City Music Festival Concerts, February 7 or April 9 — both Saturdays at 8:00pm, you can see another classical music concert with German music and earn a culture point if you are a German student: These concerts look fantastic and Morehead City is on the beach, a great way to enjoy culture and nature in one weekend!

IV. Please also consider donating to the Syrian refugees on the German Club’s Gofundme website:

Herzliche Grüße an Alle!
Dr. Jill Twark

Foreign Language Course Renumbering, starting Fall 2016

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures has renumbered a large number of courses to comply with evolving university expectations for course level content and enrollment expectations. This may cause some difficulty for current students seeking courses under the old numbers to meet Catalog requirements before fall 2016. We apologize for any inconvenience and will maintain this list during the transition.

Old number (to new number):
CHIN 1003 (to 2003)
CHIN 1004 (to 2004)
FREN 1003 (to 2003)
FREN 1004 (to 2004)
FREN 2108 (to 3001)
FREN 2330 (to 3002)
FREN 3555 (to 4555)
FREN 3556 (to 4556)
FREN 3557 (to 4557)
FREN 3558 (to 4558)
FREN 3560 (to 4560)
GERM 1003 (to 2003)
GERM 1004 (to 2004)
GERM 2210 (to 3001)
GERM 2211 (to 3002)
GERM 2300 (to 3510)
GERM 2420 (to 3420)
GERM 3350 (to 4000)
GERM 3520 (to 4520)
GERM 3530 (to 4530)
GERM 3540 (to 4540)
GERM 3550 (to 4550)
GRK 1003 (to 2003)
GRK 1004 (to 2004)
ITAL 1003 (to 2003)
ITAL 1004 (to 2004)
JAPN 1003 (to 2003)
JAPN 1004 (to 2004)
LATN 1003 (to 2003)
LATN 1004 (to 2004)
RUSS 1003 (to 2003)
RUSS 1004 (to 2004)
SPAN 1003 (to 2003)
SPAN 1004 (to 2004)
SPAN 2222 (to 3001)
SPAN 2330 (to 3002)
SPAN 2440 (to 3440)
SPAN 2441 (to 3441)
SPAN 2550 (to 3550)
SPAN 3330 (to 3210)
SPAN 3225 (to 3325)
SPAN 3340 (to 4140)

German Club to send volunteers to assist refugees in Munich

Dear German students,

Have you been reading about the refugee crisis in Europe and wondering how you could help?

Would you be willing to travel to Bavaria to volunteer in a newly built dormitory for refugees over ECU’s spring break (March 4-13)? Here’s your chance:

ECU’s German Club plans to send a team of German students and one faculty member to München over spring break (March 4-13) to help refugees as they acclimate themselves to their new life in Germany.

Our duties are yet to be determined with the host aid organization (yes, we have a host organization in München already!), but they suggested that we might organize games for children, help serve meals, plan free-time activities, tutor introductory German, etc. There may also be an opportunity to meet with local politicians and social workers to learn more about the refugee crisis from different perspectives.

Interested? Please keep an eye out for the call for applications, which we hope to post via this listserv and on our Facebook page (
by the end of the week at the latest, with an application deadline sometime in January. Preliminary criteria are as follows, but please refer to the Call for Applications when it has been distributed for more information:

At the time of application, students must
possess basic German skills (must have taken at least German 1001 at ECU);
be an official German Club member on Orgsync (instructions regarding how to sign up to follow);
have or be willing to get a US passport valid through at least September;
and be willing to undergo a background check (host organization’s requirement).

Again, these criteria are preliminary, but we wanted to give you an idea as to what will be expected so you can be thinking about it.

It should be noted that we are seeking funding from various entities for this trip and that we hope to fund it completely so that students volunteering their time and talents won’t be deterred by financial costs.

People or organizations wishing to donate to this initiative are encouraged to contact Prof. Smith at or 252.328.5524. Your support of our students and the refugee families in Germany is much appreciated.

Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüße

Anthony Razov, German Club President


Dr. David Smith
Associate Professor of German

Faculty Author Book Awards

Books2015lgFive FLL Faculty were recognized for the book publications during 2014-2015 (from left to right):

Frédéric Fladenmuller. Proust ou l’écriture inversive. Du temps perdu au temps retrouvé. Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures, v. 226. Peter Lang.

Steven Cerutti. Cicero’s Pro Archia Poeta Oratio. Bolchazy-Carducci. 3rd AP edition.

Jill Twark. Envisioning Social Justice in Contemporary German Culture. Studies in German Literature, Linguistics, and Culture. Camden House.

John Given. The Fragmentary History of Priskos of Panion: Attila, the Huns and the Romans, AD 430-476. Christian Roman Empire Vol. 11. Arx Publishing.

Ben Fraser. Antonio López García’s Everyday Urban Worlds: A Philosophy of Painting. Bucknell University Press.

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November 11, 2015 Laternenfest. 4-6pm Bate 1016.

I. On Wednesday, Nov. 11 from 4-6:00pm, starting in Bate 1016, our German Club will have our annual St. Martinsfest celebration with lantern-making, a walk around campus in the dark with the lanterns lit by candles, and the singing of traditional German songs. Email Dr. Jensen at ASAP if you plan to come, so she and the cultural outreach student group will know how many supplies to bring to make the lanterns. Anyone can join us, no matter what level of German you are in!
» Read more about St. Martin here
» Make your own St. Martin’s Lantern!
» Other German Events this week

November 9-16, 2015 German Events

I. On Wednesday, Nov. 11 from 4-6:00pm, starting in Bate 1016, our German Club will have our annual St. Martinsfest celebration with lantern-making, a walk around campus in the dark with the lanterns lit by candles, and the singing of traditional German songs. Email Dr. Jensen at ASAP if you plan to come, so she and the cultural outreach student group will know how many supplies to bring to make the lanterns. Anyone can join us, no matter what level of German you are in!
» Read more about St. Martin here
» Make your own St. Martin’s Lantern!

II. Der nächste deutsche Film, Der Schuh des Manitu ist am Donnerstag, dem 12. November um 6.00 Uhr am Abend in 1024 Bate.

III. History Lecture also on Thursday, Nov. 12th: “Guinea” Sam Nightingale and Karl Marx: Conjuring Communism in the American Civil War”
Date: November 12, 2015, Location: Sci-tech C-309, Time: 5:30-7:00pm

IV. Saturday November 14, 7:00 p.m. “The Classical and Romantic Trumpet” Concert at The Music House, 408 West 5th Street ($20 for adults, $5 for students)
Late 18th and early 19th century music featuring Mozart, Arban, Hummel, and others, played on period keyed trumpet, French Romantic valve trumpet, and an 1862 French cornet.

V. Kaffeeklatsch ist am Sonntag, dem fünfzehnten November um 1.00 Uhr bei Coffee Shack, 168 Beacon Drive Winterville. Carpooling will be provided at the parking lot behind Mendenhall Student Center @ 12:30pm contact Anthony Razov

October events in German

Dear German Students and Friends of German Studies,

I. Heute, Mittwoch, der 14. Oktober trifft sich unser Deutschklub im Zimmer 3321 Bate, im Foreign Language Department, für eine Kulturpräsentation.
Alle sind eingeladen (=invited), auch wenn Sie noch nicht so gut Deutsch sprechen!

1) II. On Friday, October 16, ECU German Major Alumna Jill Dawkins will speak of her professional career as a lawyer and how studying German has helped her succeed. Her talk will be in Bate 1031 from 3:00-4:30pm this Friday.

III. Kaffee und Deutsch will be at the Coffee Shack, which is located at 168 Beacon Drive Winterville NC 28590, on Sunday, October 18 and November 15, both at 1pm.
Carpooling will be provided at the parking lot behind Mendenhall Student Center @ 12:30pm contact Anthony Razov

Here it is the little spiel about the event: Come for brunch and an extra dose of German. Students will talk about topics in Germany, play games, receive help with German Hausaufgaben and/or converse in German. Students must contribute for a culture point.

IV. Filmabend — Der nächste deutsche Film, Lore von Cate Shortland (2012), ist am Mittwoch, dem 21. Oktober um 6.00 Uhr am Abend (moved up a day from Thursday because of the football game that night)


The program runs for 4 weeks from May 22-June 18 (SSI) and costs $3500. Students can take either:

a) 6 credits of German language at the Inlingua School in central Berlin; students will be placed in appropriate levels; no prior knowledge of German needed OR
b) 3 credits for FORL 2600/GERM 3700 Special Topics: The Holocaust and Its Remembrance; students learn about the Holocaust through lectures and site visits, such as the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, the Memorial to Murdered Jews of Europe; lectures are in English
c) combine both options for 9 credits

We will explore the diverse facets of this vibrant city, along with its most astounding sites including the German Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, the Jewish Museum and much more.

For details, please contact Susanne Lenné Jones at 737-2309 or

Delta Phi Alpha, the National German Honor Society, has implemented a new Spring / Summer Study Abroad Scholarship to the German Speaking World!
*Deadline November 15th*
Full details regarding application for this scholarship are available online:

Please note that there are two additional student scholarships for Delta Phi Alpha members. The deadline for those scholarships is in March.

Want more info?: Please contact Prof. Jones at

You want to gain study AND work experience abroad? Then be part of the newly offered study and internship option within the state-to-state program between North Carolina and Baden-Württemberg!
UNC students studying in Baden-Württemberg for at least one semester may apply for this special internship program, that offers the possibility to combine a study abroad with an internship experience in Germany.
The internship can be completed either at a company or university (research internship) and will be supported by a scholarship offered by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung.
* Internship Application Deadline: November 15 for Spring 2016
Please contact me, Dr. Jill Twark, the German Study Abroad Adviser, at for more information.