FLL German Student Treks to Europe for Summer Internship with Berlin Opera Academy


Performance-voice major and German student, Joseph Morris, recently took the language skills he acquired here at ECU to the test during a month-long hike in France and Spain on the Camino de Santiago as well as during a 6-week internship in the Berlin Opera Academy. He was able to take advantage of this great opportunity to get experience working in his field in one of the most internationally renowned cities for music and culture, Berlin, in part because he had taken basic German courses at ECU and was able to navigate life and work in the German capital. To learn more about his remarkable experience, click here. He will also be performing at this year’s German Christmas concert on Dec. 1st in the Greenville Art Museum, so stay tuned or email Dr. Jill Twark (twarkj@ecu.edu) for more information.


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