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New Republican Congress and “forcible” rape

The first act of the new Republican leadership in Congress was to try and repeal the Obama health care act. Their second act is to propose a bill called, “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion.” A key component of the bill … Continue reading

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This video was filmed last fall by a Lebanese group in Alexandria, in support of Egypt. Without even understanding a word of Arabic, you can see women demonstrating unity of communities, discussing problems.

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Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Murdered

David Kato was found murdered, and an investigation is underway. — Posted by Susan Pearce

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The World Economic Forum: Where are the Women?

from Susan Pearce: It is interesting that both the Wall Street Journal and Businessweek ask “where are the women?” at the World Economic Forum. See this short piece in the Huffington Post. What are the implications of this for women, … Continue reading

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In the Beginning: The Origins of Patriarchy

Margaret Huffman HIST 5005 In the Beginning: The Origins of Patriarchy             When asked, most American students would say that Islam has had a negative effect on women.  Islam did not create patriarchy in the Middle East.  Monotheism in general, … Continue reading

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The Tunisian people demonstrated that they would not complacently allow their government to continue its authoritarian and predatory policies unchallenged as it had for decades.  In its wake, the whole Middle East is on the brink of revolution, with riots, demonstrations, and immolations despite … Continue reading

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Italian Women Speak Out

The U.S. broadcast news networks widely covered the story yesterday that Italian President Silvio Berlusconi and three associates were being investigated for paying for sex with a 17-year old Moroccan girl and using the President’s office to cover it up. … Continue reading

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In the News

In the news: abortion mill allowed to operate illegally in Philadelphia. How did this happen in the U.S.? Follow the link below to the story.  Mindi Seeman

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A Third Welcome

I too welcome students from my classes, WOST 6100 and ANTH 5202, Women’s Global Health and Human Rights. I encourage all of my students to post reviews of books/articles and comments with links and for students in all of our … Continue reading

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Second Welcome

Students should feel free to add both review length (reaction paper) op-ed pieces as posts, with links to relevant articles (or citations); or they may comment on the work of others using the comment function.  I second Dr. Pearce’s welcome.  Engage, … Continue reading

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