Zambia Acid Attack

This article tells the story of a 13 year old girl who had acid thrown on her by an older man whom was rejected as a suitor so that she could continue her education. The author discusses how acid crime has risen since the 1960’s, and how easily it is obtained on the internet and elsewhere. She also discusses how despite laws that prohibit acid attacks and their strict punishments, that law enforcement and government agencies do little or nothing to enforce these laws or to protect the women and girls who may become victims.- Lenna

Zambia Acid Attack


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  • camerona09

    Despite the serious depravity of such practices, and the damage that such actions do, both physically and to the psyche of women, the sentence: “acid crime has risen since the 1960’s” is probably one of the craziest lines I’ve read in a while. I was not aware that acid was a weapon of choice for scorned suitors outside horror films or cartoons.

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