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S. Korea court upholds military ban on gay behavior

The following is the newspaper content I quoted from the Yahoo! News. SEOUL (AFP) – South Korea’s Constitutional Court on Thursday upheld a military law banning homosexual behaviour, saying the need to maintain discipline takes precedence over individual sexual freedom. … Continue reading

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Violence against School Girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan

By Jessica Anderson From 1996 through 2001, the Taliban banned education for girls in Afghanistan.  Afterward, remnants of the Taliban continued to attack and destroy girls’ schools.  Violence against schoolgirls is so extreme that 80% of schools in southern Afghanistan … Continue reading

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Gendering the Immigration Debate

In today’s New York Times, there are two pieces regarding immigration and Latinos — unrelated articles, but developments to pay attention to. First is the announcement that Obama is going to recruit Latina actresses to help promote his ideas for … Continue reading

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Transgendered individual abused in Baltimore McDonald’s

A warning: this is a graphic video. Transgender Attack  

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SEX TRAFFICKING IN MOLDOVA AND RUSSIA—WHAT CAN BE DONE? Claire Fletcher Consider the story of Angela, a young woman from an extremely poor area of rural Moldova, who was sold into sex slavery at the age of 20.  Angela had … Continue reading

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Pakistan Precedes the US in Gender Matters?  Pakistan creates a third gender for those that do not feel like they are male or female. M Russell

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Bill in Maine that would allow businesses and schools to choose which bathroom a transgender can use

This article is about a debate/public hearing that took place in Maine about a bill that would allow schools dn businesses to determine which bathroom a transgender could use.  Maine representatives says this bill is mostly about protecting businesses from … Continue reading

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Transgender fired from a job specifically for men

This article is about a transgendered (female to male) individual who was fired from their job because they found out that the individual was born a woman.  The job was specifically for men and that is why the employers say … Continue reading

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Women oppose the death penalty

This article points out the gender gap in beliefs about the death penalty. It also demonstrates women’s leadership in social movements other than women’s rights movements: Susan Pearce

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Man as the “default” human

See this example in the link below. We often discuss this in our gender classes — the continued reference to humans or people if they are male, and identification of their gender if they are female. Just review a few … Continue reading

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